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Mirena triggering outbreaks?

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Hi there, first-time poster. I was diagnosed with HSV2 in 2016 and I'm still kind of in denial about it. I really don't have it as bad as many; I only get one sore in the same place every outbreak, and my outbreaks have become very infrequent - maybe two last year? I take Valacylovir when I have an outbreak but not suppressive therapy.

Anyway, I got a Mirena put in about a month ago and so far I'm not a fan. The first two weeks were intense cramping randomly during the day. Then last Saturday, seemingly out of nowhere, I got a yeast infection. I haven't had a yeast infection in YEARS. My doctor prescribed fluconazole and once the symptoms started subsiding I got an outbreak. Needless to say it's been a very uncomfortable week. And I find the timing of both of these things one after another very suspicious considering the IUD insertion a month ago. So I started doing some research online and read a few things that made my heart drop - that the progesterone in the Mirena can lead to increased HSV2 outbreaks. If this is true I'm getting it taken out right away because I'm one of the lucky ones who really doesn't experience frequent or bad outbreaks, and I'm not going to contribute to them getting worse. However, I don't want to jump the gun and immediately blame the Mirena. Maybe the irritation from the yeast infection triggered the outbreak? I messaged my doctor to get her input but nothing back yet.

Does anyone else have experience with the Mirena or high progesterone methods making their outbreaks worse? I thought this IUD would make it more convenient to have sex but instead it's basically put me out of commission since I had it put in.


Thanks for any help.


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Hello, I am new to the forum and just thought I would comment my expierience. I do not have mirena but I do have paraguard. I got my IUD put in 2 months before I was exposed and diagnosed with hsv2. My case is sort of a weird one as I did not have sex with the person who gave it to me but was sexually assaulted by someone with an active outbreak while at a festival on my period. He came from behind reached in my pants touched me with a hand that had been touching an active sore. The worst part about it is that the only sore I have only shows up right where he touched me. My partner had just stepped away to use the bathroom and it was very traumatic for me as I am still dealing with the ptsd from the incident. Anyways to the point. Paraguard works by causing inflamation in the uterus. The inflammation causes the body to create more progesterone so it may be more similar to mirena than normally disclosed by a medical professional. I feel that the Iud causes me to have more symptoms due to the inflammation it causes. I also read that herpes reacts to hormonal changes. I had plans to remove my Iud to see if it would help lessen my outbreaks but the current political climate has me scared to remove it. I plan to meet with my provider to discuss other options and if I do decide to remove it and my supression improves I will comment back. I will also add that my partner who also contracted hsv2 from this incident because we didn't know and were both tested and verified clean when I got the IUD has little to no symptoms while I suffer the most. I can't help but think its the IUD.

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      It was not the main point of the discussion. Did I write that I believe in such an approach? I only referred to it because I wanted to point out that researchers have always been looking at the condition called latency, trying to demystify it.
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      I'm not the one who claimed that he said that, and I don't have time now to read the literature to try and find it. Bob made the claim so if anything then he should be the one to back it up. I am not doubting that the fasting mimicking diet works to get autophagy going. It's a vegetable soup with some fat, so it makes sense that it would - glucose and protein inhibit autophagy, so just leave them both out and run on fat and micronutrients for a while. It's actually a kind of ketogenic diet, just without protein. Yet at the same time as promoting this specific type of keto diet, he trashes the standard keto diet with arguments that make no sense to me. That's why he seems suspect to me, because it looks like he is trying to tell people that his own expensive product is the only way to get the coveted autophagy, that you can't get it yourself simply through doing keto and/or intermittent fasting. And his product is quite overpriced for a simple vegetable soup, which is all it really is. I can make that myself. Or just boil some veggies and add some butter or a creamy sauce, I used to eat such meals quite often actually before I went carnivore. I must have been getting lots of autophagy then without even realising it. Yes, it might be that he is right about the onset of autophagy, or half-right if it depends on how keto-adapted you are. But since he has a vested interest, his word should not count as evidence for us. I don't think that's being unfair to him. If Bob wants us to believe it, he needs to provide evidence from a neutral source. @Bob8857 Do you have any better evidence?
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      Not sure wth this is but I'm thinking the worst!! Been with 2 woman for the past 14 yrs and this popped up after I trimmed and shaved. Never had anything like this pop up b4
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      Please. Go ahead for transparency sake...let him.know you tested negative on a western blot and every other test before you tell him you have hsv. Because we all know it's coming.  Feel the Blurne!!!
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