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my first ob. is this normal? will i be relief?

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im having it for 3 weeks now..it is my first ob.i have only 1 pimple like blister before that turned into an ulcer,which is quite painful when i urinate.i have no idea what it is so i haven't seen any doctor before..after a week or so, i notice i then have 2 other sores, then 5...for two weeks i have no idea what is going on.this is my 3rd week and the outbreak has gone really bad and painful.spcially with frictions everytime i walk or move.i cannot wear skirt cos i have to wear pants for uniform in the office.. this 3rd week i consulted my gyne and now taking acyclovir. i dont know if i am also getting better coz now i have swollen labia..really swollen..and have so many sores and painful ulcers/blisters...so many pmple-like blsters and sores...i am also in great pain. i dont know if this will even heal..and how long will i be relieved... when will i be normal again?

should i take lysine? what will u advise since my dr only prescribe aciclovir and not given me any other alternative foods/supplements.. except for vitamins.

i am stil positive that my down there will heal and be normal again.. but when? i really want to live a normal life now.

please help. i cannot sit properly, walk.sometimes i just feel like going home and lie in my bed all day.. it is really bad.. now, my down there is really abnormal..

i need u all guys to advice.


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no one has seem to answer my question and my pathetic situation.

sorry. i am just really worried and i think i will still have this ob on the next coming weeks. my situation does not get any better and it is really getting worse everyday. i dont know if this blisters will become sores and then puff.. i really have loads down there.. and it is quite painful not to mention the swell..

somebody out there please encourage me..


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First outbreak - pain relief help

Hi vanillamist,

I am sorry that you haven't received a reply yet and that you are having to go through this. We are all here to help you, so don't feel alone.

To start with, you can find a good collection of tips and information here:

:arrow:Typical cycle of an outbreak

:arrow:Pain Relief Remedies

:arrow:Herpes Treatments that can help

The good news is that the first outbreak is normally always the worst, it WILL heal and it is likely to be far less severe if you ever have a recurrence.

During a first episode, the immune system develops antibodies and other weapons against the virus. During a recurrence, then, this "immune memory" can help to fight off infection more quickly.

As a result, as time goes on there are usually fewer sores, they heal faster, and the outbreak is less painful. Some people never experience another recurrence.

You can find more useful info by clicking on the links to the right and our members have some great advice to share too.

Stay strong, we are here if you need us!


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Hey, I'm suffering my first OB too. I'm on week 3. The first week it seemed to get better, then I got a whole new and different crop week 2 that has been itching and swollen like hell. I'm on my 3rd bottle of Acyclovir, as well as starting Lysine (3000mg a day) I used an entire bottle of H-Balm even though it seemed to help the pain and itching, in my case, my symptoms seemed to worsen while using it.

I got some Aveeno Baby Diaper Rash ointment to get me through the worst days of itching. It has 13% zinc and oatmeal. It seemed to get better after day 2 of using it. Now I am taking Epsom baths twice a day and using Purell after the baths. Almost all my swelling is gone and the Purell stop the itching almost instantly. I put just a little on with a cotton ball in the worst itchy areas.

Hope this helps.

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It seems like there is so little that is actually known about how to handle this virus.

I had a very small and symptom free first outbreak- the symptoms healed and it went away with very little angst. My physician said I could expect my first outbreak to be my worst- but today- I felt symptoms returning- and I am having multiple blisters.

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    • viralfrog
      Little update again:  No improvements for me, still getting the same: constant redness on my penis, with tiny blisters forming as the old ones heal. This is together with continuous lethargy and a pulsating pain in my right groin lymph node. I also have sleeping problems, that are associated with the outbreaks. Usually, if the OB gets slightly better, I'll also sleep better. But right now, I wake up every morning too early like 6:30 feeling like my body is fighting something and I can't relax and sleep anymore. I get under 7 hours of sleep each night, but my body needs around 8-9 to feel normal. Unlike some others, I'm extremely sensitive to having enough sleep, which is also related to my heavy workouts. Of course it could be also the other way around, that I'm getting OBs because of poor sleep.  I went to get my bloods tested about a month ago and everything came back as normal (full blood count, thyroids etc.) but I found my vitamin D levels were low. I've been since spending a bit more time in the sun (normally avoid it) and eating a Vitamin D3 supplement daily (5000iu) without improvements to my OBs. I'm so disappointed, as I already got exited being onto something after finding that low Vitamin D-levels are associated inability of the body to fight viral diseases. Based on my research, 5000iu of D3 for several weeks should've definitely increased the levels by now, so I doubt that was the cause  . My testosterone and estradiol levels were also a bit high as I just changed testosterone medication, but I have confirmed in the past that this is not likely the cause.  My cortisol level was 17.3 ug% measured around 2pm (normal 3.7-19.4 ug% before 10AM, 2.9-17.3 ug% after 5PM). This could suggest that my cortisol levels are a bit high, but they are quite hard to measure and change during the day. I recall @IcantThinkofaName you suggested measuring these. Any comments? This was on a week day without any physical activities beforehand, except riding to the lab on a motorcycle in hot weather. Anyways, I can't really find any info on how to reduce these levels apart of relaxing more. For the record, I have tried quitting the gym completely (etc.).  I used some Xanax on the weekend which made me sleep well and feel much better. But obviously such addictive and strong benzodiazepine is not a long term solution. Next week I will try some cannabis to see if that helps with the sleep. I will get some indica strain and will vape it with a herbal vaporizer.  I will not give up the fight, next to try on the list: Confirm Vitamin D levels are back normal Quit whey protein for a week  Cannabis before bed  Amenalief at a higher dosage (200mg/day) Pritelivir from China Singles/varicella vaccine(?) ... any ideas welcome! 
    • Lost-hope
      If I could just piggy back off your idea and add a suggestion  how about with the same reasons you listed in your original statement, you / we start some type of petition or a mass email chain aimed at 60 minutes asking would they consider such a report ?
    • viralfrog
      That is interesting and I might try to stop it for a while or change brands. The thing is though, that I have been using whey protein daily for the last 10 years. I did change brand some time ago though to a pure, unflavoured whey isolate. I doubt that's the cause, but it's definitely worth a try. I'll see if I can find some alternatives for fast absorbing protein after my workouts. Maybe I can put chicken breast in the blender or similar.  I once tried this before I even hard Herpes and had a terrible side effect. It caused an itchy rash all over my groin.  Protected vaginal sex during days where my immunity was very low. Had been binge drinking on a party island.. but the condom broke, which is when I most likely caught the virus. 
    • Ali83
    • Joel7
      I don't think there's any awareness whatsoever of herpes in China. So I doubt it's a priority. Hopefully our western "awareness" won't spread to China any time soon.
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