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constantly feel infectious :( help

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i’ve tried to educate myself as much as i can about this virus and shedding / transmission rates but sometimes i feel like there is so much information and some goes against what the other is saying and i feel like my brain has so many questions and it may just explode :weary:  i just feel like i am constantly shedding or infectious, i notice every single tingle down there now and freak out incase i am shedding or about to have an OB (i seem to get a mild obaround my period ) i don’t think i’ve gone longer than 2 weeks since  getting this in sept, i read that shedding occurs 30-40% within the first 6 months (i have hsv2) but then i read that shedding was less than that per year, also i read that there needs to be millions of copies of the virus present on the skin for transmission, shedding may not always cause millions of copies... is this correct? also i somtimes notice an itchyness right on the vagina opening , does this mean i could be shedding it from this place? i also read that you can shed anywhere in the boxer short region, so does that mean i’m contagious in that area too  


 sorry a bit of a rant my brain is going into overdrive today 


 any advice on these topics would be really appreciated :) 

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    • WilsoInAus
      That's exactly right, you can return to your life and get the blood test as a sleep easy in 12 weeks time (from the last episode).
    • Laurenhelena
      Him and his ex have regular breakouts with all the traditional symptoms and I believe he was swabbed.  So I can return to life as it was before all of this drama ? I may still look into a blood test is I am confident it is accurate 
    • WilsoInAus
      @Laurenhelena how is this guy sure he has herpes? All sounding a bit odd to me. Yes it is very unlikely you will develop lesions now. Rubbing skin to skin is required for any feasible transmission chance. The odds of transmission with unprotected vaginal sex are of the order of 0.08% per epsiode. Halve this if a condom is worn. Compare that to chamydia that has about a 33% chance of transmission with unprotected sex; now that's contagious!
    • Laurenhelena
      I just feel that it’s known as such a contagious STD - I’ve been lying to my family cause when I tried to talk about it they became very anxious and begged me to tell them I hadn’t slept with him when I had - If someone told me that they slept with someone with genital herpes my mind would instantly think they had it.  So it’s unlikely then that I’m going to get symptoms now? I’m not going anything further with that guy but we have cuddled and kissed in bed with underwear on, is that ok?  Im quite sure he has hsv2 given that his ex gave it to him through a threesome  I’ve never had a cold sore   
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Laurenhelena i think by your own admission you are letting fear get the better of you. Any flu symptoms (immune toxic shock) happen after the lesions, not before. Remember that most instances of sexual activity do not result in transmission of herpes. In the end it takes one exposure... but how many times has the person received oral sex from someone with HSV-1? or had sex with someone with HSV-2 even if they didn't know it was present? The UK has amongst the lowest incidence of genital HSV-2 in the world! There's a very good chance he has HSV-1. This means much lower transmission chances than you might think and even a chance it is near zero if you have an oral HSV-1 infection yourself!
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