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If you’re female and experience constant OBs

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I’ve had HSV2 for 5 years now. During this time I’ve learned so much from this nasty virus through personal experience and paying close attention to my body. I had constant obs right from the start. As soon as one cleared up, another would start. It was hell. The muscle aches, twitching, burning sensations and that nerve reaction you get all over your body when you see wounds etc. I was in a relationship  for the first 3 years of those 5 years and was taking the pill. As soon as that relationship ended I stopped the birth control and the obs stopped. I didn’t notice at the time. For 2 years I had no obs largely to being on Acyclovir suppressive therapy. I recently started a new relationship and decided to go for the Depo provera shot. HUGE MISTAKE. Within two weeks of getting the injection I had the mother of all OBS. This despite being on suppressive therapy. It felt like the first time. Chills, fever, muscle aches etc. Then I found a study linking hormone birth control to HSV aggravations. The injection especially causes the virus to shed so much it leaves you more likely to transmit the virus when compared to those not on hormone birth control. Ladies stay away from any form of hormone birth control if you want to minimise obs and passing HSV on. Hormones aggravate HSV and make you miserable. That’s why we tend to have obs during periods because our bodies release more hormones. Here is a link to the study  linking hormonal birth control and HSV



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Thank you for sharing. So sorry this happened to you. I’m really hoping they get better treatments available before I hit Menopause. I’m 34 now. 

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I take bc pills now and I’m never having sex again so I don’t need them but was afraid to stop thinking ob would get worse but it can’t  since I’ve had one for a month straight now. 

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    • IloveCoco
      Omg you crack me up. Being reckless is sleeping with a condom and not having any other sexy foreplay before just in case? This was not a random dude I just met at the bar that night, he had been talking to me for 3 months before.  The lawyer was reckless for not disclosing or taking antivirals or whatever. I trusted him for being so nice to me. 
    • IloveCoco
      How could I have gotten hsv1 on my genitals as a child??? I’ve never had a coldsore either in my life. My body changed after I had sex with that idiot, which sucked  and it’s not pointless to know who did this to you when in some states it’s considered a crime to transmit an std to another person. 
    • sincere40
      Thank.you @Distraught1
    • Morpheo
      its very very very hard to know who gave it to you..my drs told me is pointless. and to come back positive for hsv1 on blood test, its alsaw kind of dumb because most people get it as children, and they dont have any outbreak..so could be the lawyer..or not...
    • blurneworder
      I am in a similar situation. I experience the dizziness every day. I feel fatigued most of my day. I get tiny cuts in the genital area and lips. I get burning/tiny red dots in the genital area. I get tingling sensations in different areas. Valocyclavir did not work for me. I have a tiny, white bump on my lip that crusted over. All tests (no Western Blot) have been negative. Blood work is negative. This all started after I had unprotected sex.   What are your oral outbreaks like?

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