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How long did it take for your first outbreak?

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I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 months. We live together now. Things didn’t seem right so I went in to get tested for STDs. I was diagnosed with PID. Went back in a few days later, and had the doctor check out a sore that had just came in a day prior. Lots of itching and burning. I was told that is from yeast because of the antibiotics. But the sore... she swabbed it. And was really hinting towards Herpes. 

I haven’t noticed any sores on my boyfriend I ANY part of his body. I have never had sores down there, not even a cold sore. However, remembering something odd about a month prior, the inside of my vagina itched. Like, a deep itch. Next if felt like there was a small sore up in there or a small scratch but nothing too crazy. Tried to look with a mirror but couldn’t see anything. Thought maybe it was a scratch that maybe he caused haha.... So I dismissed it and it went away a couple days later. But I’m thinking that it was an outbreak now.

After the the doctor visit, I went home and did some investigating. If it is herpes, where did I get this from? If from my boyfriend, where did he get it from? The last girl he was with, I found of FB (a fling). I looked at her pictures and throughout different times she’s had cold sores. Even one of her friends had them. Is it possible to get genital herpes from a cold sore?

But if not from my boyfriend then who? Where???? I have not been with a lot of people, I can name 2 in the past 2 years. I’ve reached out to my last ex and he is fine. His girlfriend is fine. No Herpes. Only reason I ask about how long it took for your first outbreak is because I did some reading and apparently it can take years! But I just don’t know who else I could have gotten this from. All signs point to my current boyfriend, which I did in fact get Chlamydia from. Just found out yesterday that the test came back positive. I was tested back in September for Chlamydia and a couple other Stds and those were negative. 

I really don’t know what to do. I have one single sore that isn’t healing. It burns if I get pee on it. It’s uncomfortable to sit. Even to walk. I’ve looked at pictures of herpes and this is DEFINITELY what it is. No doubt in my mind. What I don’t understand is why am I not having a full blown episode? I just don’t get it. 2 sores in the last two months. 

Really need some advice here. I feel lost. And I don’t know where my relationship is going to go. I’m hurt. I don’t know if I can stay or if I need to go :(

I’ll be getting my results in a couple of days. I actually don’t even need a test to tell me I have it but... 

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The first thing is to stop overthinking and running your mind down pathways that simply aren’t real.

Of primary importance is what is happening to you. You have had a swab and this will help you. Herpes outbreaks occur within days of infection, it isn’t all that feasible to go months or more.

No sex until your result is back. Then it may be worthwhile considering mutual testing including HSV such that all cards are on the table you appreciate what is and isn’t a risk.

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    • IloveCoco
      Omg you crack me up. Being reckless is sleeping with a condom and not having any other sexy foreplay before just in case? This was not a random dude I just met at the bar that night, he had been talking to me for 3 months before.  The lawyer was reckless for not disclosing or taking antivirals or whatever. I trusted him for being so nice to me. 
    • IloveCoco
      How could I have gotten hsv1 on my genitals as a child??? I’ve never had a coldsore either in my life. My body changed after I had sex with that idiot, which sucked  and it’s not pointless to know who did this to you when in some states it’s considered a crime to transmit an std to another person. 
    • sincere40
      Thank.you @Distraught1
    • Morpheo
      its very very very hard to know who gave it to you..my drs told me is pointless. and to come back positive for hsv1 on blood test, its alsaw kind of dumb because most people get it as children, and they dont have any outbreak..so could be the lawyer..or not...
    • blurneworder
      I am in a similar situation. I experience the dizziness every day. I feel fatigued most of my day. I get tiny cuts in the genital area and lips. I get burning/tiny red dots in the genital area. I get tingling sensations in different areas. Valocyclavir did not work for me. I have a tiny, white bump on my lip that crusted over. All tests (no Western Blot) have been negative. Blood work is negative. This all started after I had unprotected sex.   What are your oral outbreaks like?

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