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CRISPR News - "The On Switch"

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So I don't know enough about the HSV family, but to my knowledge they do have "proteases", which is one thing that seems to be essential in the targeting process based on the article.  I know this article is not about a new vaccine, but it is related to advancing other research that could possibly help find a cure for the nasty herpes viruses.   Below are some highlighted points from the article, could someone with more knowledge of the viruses and medical side of things elaborate if this does indeed show additional promise?  I think it does, but what do I know.... 

1. "As a proof-of-concept, the team introduced Zika-infected cells to their newly engineered ProCas9s, equipped with guide RNAs trained to seek out life-supporting genes.  Within a week, the new CRISPR system destroyed the infected cell in a sort of “altruistic defense.” Non-infected, healthy cells were left alive and intact."

2. "It’s like giving Cas9 a new superpower, one that allows us to track where the protein is within the cell or body, or one that gives CRISPR the ability to change how certain genes are expressed—rather than directly messing with our genetic material."

3. "The Berkeley team already envisioned several uses for the upgrade. ProCas9 could be useful for molecular screening or drug discovery. Or it can limit CRISPR’s DNA-chopping to specific cells “after general delivery of an editing complex to a target tissue or organ,” which would greatly increase the tool’s safety profile especially as the tool heads to the clinic, the team said."

4."But perhaps the most exciting take away is this: the study, a work of protein wizardry, is another example that we’re not stuck with the CRISPR machinery nature gave us. Rather, “these proteins can be elaborately optimized and turned into scaffolds not found in nature but possessing the right properties for use in human cells”for study or treatment, said Savage.


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dont quit!17

Nice informative article. Safety is definitely the concern with CRISPR, so this is certainly a plus!! 

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From Bryan Cullen's website :


"..We also have recently made an important breakthrough in  improving design and efficacy of AAV-based CRISPR/Cas delivery vectors that could have important implication for the use of CRISPR/Cas as an approach to the treatment of not only HIV-1 and HPV16 but also Hepatitis B virus (HBV) and Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). Assuming this works as we expect, we then hope to reinvigorate our work on using CRISPR/Cas as a potential cure initially in animal models of HBV and HSV..."

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      I will get it fixed. I getting some help from some former journalist to make ads
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      My Neurologist prescribed me Escitalopram for the nerve pain. Really haven’t started taking it, I was hoping the nerve pain just stops. Some way some how he told me that I will never have an outbreak and I haven’t..Weird?  Anyway I’m married, for 15years. When I discovered I had HSV my wife got tested as we’ll found out she had it since college!! Didn’t know that the fever blisters she got in college was HSV...I trust that this is how I got it. But wouldn’t you know she has no symptoms at all other than she knows she has it. There maybe something to this that there is something else wrong here besides HSV.
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      Dr David Knipe from Harvard I'm pretty sure
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      It’s not our heads that cause the sores I think this wound be very stupid for doctors to say as you can clearly see a sore.. however I do think if you are focused on a sensation constantly you will zone in on this feeling and always notice it I suffer from anxiety anyway in general so I do think some of my sensations maybe anxiety related.. but no or course cuts/ blisters  cannot be  
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      I've noticed a trend of people sharing stories about doctors telling them the tingling sensation is all in their head or caused by the patient themselves. My doctors did the same thing. I explained that I am not making myself confused and dizzy nor am I causing my skin to cut itself open on my penis and lips.

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