Intro / Why
This thread is only for people who think that doing some simple basic steps before/after Sex is worth doing if you thereby very significantly reduce spreading or getting Herpes and HPV. If you think it’s ‘ridiculous’ to do some small simple steps to significantly reduce spreading or getting Herpes and HPV then this thread is probably not for you.   You never know if somebody has herpes or hpv – Herpes: 80% don’t show symptoms and don’t know it themselves, and it basically never gets tested for (I guess because the test is pricey?). You also don’t know if someone has HPV at the moment -  cause they also hardly ever know it.   Safer sex 1.0 is condom. Condoms don’t prevent Herpes and HPV.
No matter if one has herpes/hpv or not, the procedure is completely the same.
If you have it, you don’t want to spread it. If you don’t have it, you don’t want to get it.

Also: There is hsv-1, hsv-2, and there are like *40* different strains of genital HPV.
So you never have them all, so there is always something you can get.
And even if you have something already, you can transmit it to another place too (mouth, throat, ass, genitals; eg hpv virus can also make throat cancer). HPV can lead to cancer and it can lead to genital warts. Genital warts: Imagine having a herpes outbreak that lasts about 4 months.

In addition the methods help against all kinds of other bad shit (eg spores)