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please share what stopped your outbreaks ?!!

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Hi guys

Feeling  down about this at the moment had it  for 11  years but only last few years have I had outbreaks since my initial one. 

Can you please share how you got your obs under control   for those  who have ? I am on suppression aycovlior..  and it mainly stopped my monthly obs I tried vacyclior due to constant itchiness etc and I actually ended up getting a OB very mild albeit.. so went back on ayclovior. 

Now I feel I have a very mild ob again.. my obs aren’t the typical spots then fluid filled blisters there more the paper cut or flat kinda blister type and I also have dermatitis on my vulva so soemtimes it’s  hard to tell. As I am aware of my symptoms I recognise them but if you didn’t know you had this you prob wouldn’t notice they are very mild and I know there’s ppl on here who suffer very bad obs but this still does make me feel down.  

Ive tried olive leaf extract and lysine which didn’t seem  to do much in worried  the tablets are no longer working. 


I’d  really  appreciate it you could  all share what  worked for you ? Especially thoughts who suddenly started getting obs after years of none or females who get obs around their period.. 







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I have hsv1 & 2, zero outbreaks in the nether region, but was suffering from daily outbreaks of oral herpes for the last 4 years and it wasn’t until 2 weeks ago that I started taking 1/4 tablet of 50mg ZINC, as well as Immune support capsules, Garlic, Astragalus, all together with a meal once a day, and Monolaurin capsule at night before bed.  It could just be the ZINC by itself that is stopping the outbreaks, but I’m continuing the other supplements in conjunction with the ZINC for added measure.  I have been outbreak free for 2 weeks now and I’m sharing what works for me to help anyone who is dealing with this annoying virus on a regular basis like I was.  Please share your results if you decide to take my recommendation.  I feel like my prayers have been answered since I have not had an outbreak in 2 weeks.  

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