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World's Largest Herpes Support Group
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    • WilsoInAus
      Praise the Lord for the healing powers of colonics ... and peppermint foot scrubs.
    • Screwed
      I was also dx in June, definitely not thinking of having any prospects on the love life. I actually thought last year it was time to find someone to spend my life with and have a family. I actually I’m so mad at myself, because I believe the dude who gave me this knew, he had this crap.  At that I had also been so careful and picky and the year I tell myself it’s time to open myself and get to know someone this bullshit happens. Never trust someone who gives you too much attention, lesson learned. I hate myself now and days. I have shut everyone out. I can’t deal with anything. It was hard to function. I cry telling myself now I have to live by myself forever and just kill that dream of being married or having children which really hurts. 
    • Screwed
      Look up Dr Axe on his website for candida cleanse   
    • Mr Fasting
      Maybe not with doctor's medication but with fasting, colonic's yes it is i have seen the proof!
    • difficultroadahead
      Hi all 3 months now since being positive Please let me know if a pain on the shin of the leg all off a sudden for about 10min can be a prodrome symptom I am on valtrex 500mg once daily Thanks
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