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Would a blood test be positive if you get ocular herpes??

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hey guys....i had a question.

i'm really scared about this.

ok....i have had genital HSV-1 for about a year now.

i've only had one outbreak, which was the initial outbreak.

but...i know about asymptomatic shedding and all that.

so anyways...

let's say i have a girlfriend who DOESN'T have HSV.

she touched my penis when we were fooling around,

but shortly after she totally forgot and touched her face and maybe her eyes with the same hand.

now...let's just say she DID get infected in her EYE(S) because of this,

would it show up in a HSV blood test?

or...since it's OCULAR herpes, is it only diagnosed by an eye exam?

i mean, i'm asking because i know that some people can have HSV and not even have any symptoms for a long while.

i wanna find out if she got infected or not.

i'm so scared.

we're waiting 3 months for her to get tested, but i think i'll have an anxiety attack by then.

if someone has ocular herpes (without any actual visual symptoms that you could see), would it show up in an HSV BLOODTEST?

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OCULAR herpes is diagnosed by an eye exam, I don't know all the specifics, but keep in mind you generally need an outbreak to confirm it.

It's the same herpes virus, HSV1, so yes, a Herpes Blood test would be helpful, but won't prove it's ocular. A blood test only proves what you have not where you have it. So, without an outbreak, you're only guessing on location.

Ocular herpes is rare but very serious. It's your eyes were talking about. Consult an eye doctor or your regular doctor.


Mr Smith.

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Well, one thing's for sure... you're obviously quite distraught about this, and you simply can't maintain that level of anxiety for 3 months without harming yourself. So relax.

If you weren't exhibiting any symptoms, chances are excellent that she's fine. In the absence of symptoms, it's not often that the virus is contagious, and the chance of her developing ocular H from simply touching your penis is very slim indeed.

If she has a blood test, my guess is the antibodies would show up the same as they would for oral or genital H. I'm no expert on ocular H, but it seems logical, since it's still the H virus, and your body is still going to produce antibodies to fight it.

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thanx so much for ure replies.

i really appreciate it.

can anyone else confirm that taking a HSV blood test would produce POSITIVE results (if someone had ocular herpes)?

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