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HSV 1 or 2?

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I still haven’t been able to get in to see my regular doc and I’m mostly just impatient to get this swabbed to find out which type I have. But I wanted to see what those of you who have dealt with this for a while think. My initial outbreak symptoms were awful. The doctor at the health department says it probably flared up due to a UTI. I had several, near 20, blisters and they were extremely painful. No fever or flu like symptoms. The Acyclovir has worked wonders and I’m also taking vitimins to help with immunity and keep my urinary tract healthy (it’s been a problem since I was a kid). Baths with epsom salt and ACV have also seemed to help the blisters. What does it sound like I’m leaning towards? 

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I don't think you can tell by the severity of your outbreak. Type 2 is meant to be worse but I have type 1 and my primary outbreak was horrendous with over 30 blisters. You need to get your blisters swabbed while they are fresh because once they start healing they can't get a good enough swab. I couldn't get swabbed until 5 days in but the doc said luckily there were fresh blisters just starting. I've only had a few outbreaks since with 1 or 2 blisters and I've gone 6 months without an outbreak now. The only thing I notice now is it gets itchy quite alot and also feels a bit raw alot of the time but I'm hoping this eventually goes! 

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      @MissHorne, Please don't take what I said as a criticism. Just thinking out loud and wondering if he reads these. I haven't seen anything derogatory.  
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      Just north of the city. 29/f
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      Really need to sort my anxiety out. I've had heth anxiety for a few years and my new worry is hsv2. I think I had 1x unprotected exposure. The reason I say i think is that I passed out and  was possibly assaulted. No lesions, blisters ever seen. Ive been checking. Though 8 weeks after exposure had tingling and itching that lasted for 6-8 weeks on and off. I had this for a good year and a half.  Saw 3 GPs, and visited GuM twice where I was referred to a vulva dermatologist. A culture for HSV was taken, this came back negative.I was diagnosed as having Lichen and prescribed steroids which helped reduce symptoms. I just need some reasurance that I can assume I don't have this and move on. Is the fact that I had a negative culture enough proof and the absence of lessions etc reassuring? Thanks
    • higgboson
      Your penis looks similar to mine...please update if you ever figure out what this is.
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      So ur saying the herbalife was the key?? Olive leaf extract and pro biotic are good? How many mgs of Lysine did you take a day? 

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