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I’ve not been diagnosed but I’ve had symptoms of hsv2, I know a few people who also have it. I have recently had a baby and On and off have been getting sore, red patches that sting, I put it down to repeated thrush. my LO is 4 months now but at 1 week old she got a bumpy rash and discharge in her nappy area the doctor said it was a fungal infection and she’s had nappy rash on and off since but today I changed her nappy and she has a isolated red patch which looks like very tiny dot blisters and I am positive it is herpes. Before this I was driving myself insane I went to the doctors several times and she just said I was being dramatic and gave me antidepressants, they have helped with my anxiety but now this looks like herpes I’ve done so much research and it says the chance is so low without a physical outbreak at birth. The doctor said my LO would have been I’ll if she had contracted the virus, I feel so guilty and I discussed it with my partner as last year before I was pregnant he had a blister but he put it down to friction burn from excessive foreplay. I really don’t know what to do I’m dreading the next nappy change please help

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    • Screwed
      150$ it was a urethra catheter and the administered about 60 ml of ozone gas. I believe it was 2 syringes,Painless. I felt like the virus was in the bladder causing some sort of symptoms I had never experienced. The doctor was diagnosing me with interstitial cystitis, after the treatment I haven’t had those symptoms at all. It was minimized the same day. I did the first treatment. I can say I haven’t had sexual inter course either. I felt like that was the trigger
    • Skiracer321
      Thanks how did they administer it ecaxctly?  What was the cost?
    • Screwed
      What helped me after 2 treatment was urethral ozone therapy. 
    • Skiracer321
      Yep im male have the same burning feeling inside my penis.  It comes and goes during the tingling outbreak time.  Doesn't  hurt to pee. Very annoying and depressing it wont go away even with antivirals daily and even doubling up on them.  Even after cleaning up my diet no alcohol smoking vitamins orgeno oil DHEA and every suppliment know to help doesn't work.  That's what makes this hard.  My immune system ain't doing shit right now.  Im fucked!  The only hope i have now is some unknown terminal illness is taxing my immune system causing this.  
    • Ely
      Picture shows classic hemorrhoid beginning avoid solid foods eat lot of yogurt soups stop with coffee it will be fine don't worry,  I write from personal experience salute 
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