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hello. sup yall.

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Hello guys. just introducing my self. I found your site recently since i was looking for information about herpes. Because about a week ago this 6 bumps came out on the side of my skin.

At first i thought it was a rash then it just grew and they looked like spider bites. then before the week was over the tip of it turned black. thats when i freaked and went to the doctor. First thing he said was "herpes". I was confused cause i don't know much about it.

then he said "but we gonna have that tested because you never know what else it might be" but first he checked my throat and too a sample from the back of my throat. then he took a sample from my skin where the bumps was. 2 days later he said "negative" on the throat test. i went in friday again (3 days later after the throat news). and he said that it takes a week for the herpes test to come in. that once they are back he will call me. but then checked my area and said "oh good is drying up" but they was already drying up when i went in days before.

I have pain as if something is stabing me there. all he gave me was this cream to put on 3 times a day. and i asked him "if it is herpes what happens?" he said "first we gotta see if its herpes, to me it looks like it. and if it is we gotta see what type it is".

Now as i read on the net i keep seeying herpes oral on the private part where most people are talking about. but where i got it is by my rib cage. Doc is not waiting for results. he even touched the area where i have it with no problem. i was like "UH" since i read is contagious.

this is my first out brake. i have use condoms with girls and at times i have kept my cloth on.

just recently me and girl broke up we was only together for 2-3 months we stayed friends. i have told her what i may have but she think im making all this stuff up.

I have called my ex-girl friend that i went out with 4 years ago and she said that she has nothing. and that she has been getting check out every year. and another girl that i also went out with knows where i live and have my number and information i think she would be brave enough to call me if she has anything. since girls go to the doctor more than men do.

Im not pointing fingers but how do i know how old is the herpes if i have it?

Is there something similar that looks like herpes?

why do i still have that stabing pain when the part is already dry. i don't get why is black!. is it suppost to turn black???

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I also forgot why did the doctor take 2 sample one in my throat and another from the skin? and then he asked me if my throat bothered me i said "no" days later a damn fucken infection!.

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I have no idea about the black part, but my guess is your herpes test will come back negative -- not because you don't have it (maybe), but because it has to be a NEW outbreak (ie not healing yet) for that test to be accurate. I suggest you go back to your doctor and demand a blood test.

I don't know why he took a sample from your throat. That sounds weird, unless he thought it might be some other type of infection. It is possible for you to get Herpes anywhere in your genital area, and having it just below your ribs may be a genital infection, or you may have herpes glatidorium(sp?) - the kind wrestlers get. The only way to know for sure is to have a blood test, although it takes a few weeks for antibodies to show up in that test. I suggest getting blood tested now, and again in a few months if it still comes back negative. I have no idea why they turned black, though. That's weird, and sounds more like a bite to me.

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You might ask your doctor if it could be shingles. Shingles is a type of herpes virus. Everyone who has had chicken pox has it, and it tends to recur on the trunk of the body (back, ribs, etc).

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