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Real $lim Katie

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Real $lim Katie
Posted (edited)

Hi there friends :)My name is Katie and I have been brutally embarrassed and bullied by the cold sores I get since kindergarten. I used to get them every time the seasons changed like clockwork and they would continue to affect me into my adulthood, restricting me from wanting to go to school/work/out with friends/etc.

To help empower me, I made this video parodying "7 Rings" by Ariana Grande to embody embracing your true amazingness despite your cold sore. It includes the tips that I have learned over my 23 years to zap the sore before they get worse and my roommate/bestie designed and created all the clothes featured in it. Check it-





-celery juice

-coconut oil


have helped shorten the life of my cold sore :) WHAT HELPS YOU???


Also, get out of your house and live your life!!! 1/2 people have cold sores, why do they make us feel so bad about ourselves?



Love you all




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Real $lim Katie
2 minutes ago, Quest said:

Good for you! Awesome!

thank you so much😊

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I love your energy. I can't help but be depressed and feel so alone. I hate not feeling like myself. I'm in customer service and I love talking to people but my oral outbreak is breaking my spirit. I'm even ashamed to look at my wife even though she's so supportive

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Real $lim Katie
3 hours ago, Brule said:

I love your energy. I can't help but be depressed and feel so alone. I hate not feeling like myself. I'm in customer service and I love talking to people but my oral outbreak is breaking my spirit. I'm even ashamed to look at my wife even though she's so supportive

you got this ❤️ I'm telling you, they only look worse to you because they affect your nervous system. the worse you feel, the worse they get ❤️ i know exactly how you feel because i've been there, be confident despite your sore ❤️ my go to's: CARMEX (abreva makes it worse before they get better), coconut oil, ice for the pain & valtrex. BE CONFIDENT and it'll be gone in no time :)

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You have the right attitude! I am so proud of you! Really fun video!

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Real $lim Katie
On 4/20/2019 at 5:39 PM, Quest said:

You have the right attitude! I am so proud of you! Really fun video!

thanks this really means a lot :) share it if you'd like so it can go as viral as the simplex lol

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    • Charla
      By Charla
      Recently had my first big outbreak (I had a scare of what I thought could have been one last month but even though I got swabbed asap tested it came back negative). After about a week into the outbreak on my genitals I then had an oral outbreak (never had a cold sore before at least to my awareness). While I am on antivirals (taken the day the cold sore showed and the genitals have started clearing this oral one just seems to be getting worse. The nurse said it was likely HSV-2 but I am still waiting for my results. Does anyone have any recommendations on how to cope with this oral outbreak? I am currently staying at my boyfriends' house and am worried it will travel from inner lip/mouth to be more visible, the idea of his parents seeing it fills me with dread.
      Also, any good websites/blogs/youtubers to follow to give me a little more hope to this all. 
    • Gracieluewho
      By Gracieluewho
      I was just diagnosed with HSV 1 and this was the first time I had been tested for it. I am not sure how long I’ve had it and now I’m feeling a lot of stress and anxiety. A lot of my friends have had cold sores before and I know they’re super common but I am so afraid of passing it to someone else with an unknown outbreak. I know that HSV 1 can be oral or genital but is most commonly oral. I don’t think I’ve had an outbreak yet because I figured it would be easy to recall. I’ve had a small fluid filled bump above my lip for a month or so that at one point I picked off and it grew back. It hasn’t bursted and doesn’t hurt at all. I’m not sure if this is my first outbreak or if it’s just something else. Is there any kind of medication I can take to lower the chances of spreading it to another person?
    • Verver23
      By Verver23
      I've recently had a cold sore outbreak and used abreva to treat it. After the blisters drain 4-5 days later I usually apply vaseline to prevent dryness. It seemed to make the scab fall fast but now my lip is pink/red and has some residual swelling. Is this ok? How to I fix the color and slight swelling?
    • silentsuffering
      By silentsuffering
      Hi everyone! 
      Earlier this week I saw my doctor as I was experiencing some discomfort in my genital area... long story short I had unprotected sex, my doctor or did a physical examination and believed it is herpes. 
      I received a call today advising that my blood came back negative for all STD’s and the sexual contact was made over 10 days ago. Rash is sores are still fresh.
      From what I’ve read false negatives do occur but that’s usually if the rash isn’t active...
      He put me on Valaciclovir on Monday (it’s now Thursday) and it appears to be getting worse. I am sceptical that I do have herpes even with a negative blood test, he wants me to have another test done in a month to be sure however what else could this be?
      Sorry for the graphic image too..

    • Gemini312
      By Gemini312
      Okay so im gonna go in depth about everything because the last time i posted i guess i wasn't as specific as i could've been. Okay so. September 8th, i was down in the dumps. I'm not asking for sympathy but i did sleep with a guy that I knew id never see again for the whatevers of it, using sex as an escape, which was pretty stupid but we can't all make bright choices, anyway in early october i got an almost zit like bump on my lip. And i popped it. After freaking out of course. And it oozed a little pus but shortly after there was some clear fluids, they kinda slowly oozed until it healed. It didn't tingle showing up? But after like a week it was Beale but another showed up on the other side, and when i stretched my lip, neither were on my lip directly. I tried my hardest not to be bothered, but like everyone when they're afraid they have a std-sti they freak out. I only truly freaked out because i googled symptoms, and the one that caught me was clear fluid and burning, it didn't burn until i popped it tho, and it was only momentarily, and i tried to assume it was my makeup that was causing it because after they were both healed. I did my makeup and boom. Another one. So after that one healed. I stopped doing my makeup, and i made it a while without anything showing up until mid November, i was shocked to find that it still happened after i stopped doing my makeup, eventually, after it got worse and i had multiple sores on my face i went to the doctors. And they diagnosed it as folliculitis, but these particular bumps weren't oozing clear liquid. They were just ugly and made me completely self conscious when i went to school, because i knew my class could see them, college btw. But anyways i started applying what the doctor prescribed and bam, they were gone, the doctor even told me it  couldn't be herpes bc of the time frame. Everything was going good up until recently i got another bump, and ofc it was at the edge band of my lip, but the way it formed was odd. It moreso was an underskin bump that peeled instead of popping and it eventually went away, and then another showed up and i picked at it bc it bugged me and it eventually became a scab. And when I picked it, it oozed clear liquid, which has been freaking me out, and it doesn't stop immediately, and none of the bumps that show up ever look like blisters, and aren't immediately fluid filled, and honestly I've had my life kind of on hold, restraining from going on dates, and meeting some really great people, and making new friends for the simple fact that im a very affectionate person, i like kisses, and if im dating someone, im gonna wanna kiss them, if im friends with someone, we playfully taste each other's drinks, I haven't done so in a while but there's tons of things I like to do with friends, so if i were to have herpes, id pass it on and hate myself like i hate the guy who could've possibly given it to me, I've been none stop panicking and honestly, at this point i just need some guidance, a friend, and just someone because i don't know what to think, i wanna go to the hospital again but im terrified, worst always comes to worst, and itd be even worse when i start my esthiology unit for makeup and skincare, we thoroughly touch each others faces, and wash, oil, and etc. Who's gonna wanna touch my face with odd bumps, scabs, etc? 
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    • Sarah889
      Really wasn't sure which topic to put this in! I'm guessing a lot of you will have seen the recent news that Mel B was rushed to hospital thinking she was blind from her eye herpes.  I know she's not as famous as she used to be, but I really don't understand why celebrities with a big presence aren't doing anything about this, such as fundraising for a cure or even just talking about it to raise awareness. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think she's ever spoken about it before!  She clearly suffers from some bad symptoms. Thinking that you've gone blind must have been one of the most terrifying experiences, and to me, after that ordeal I would try and do everything in my power to raise awareness and find a cure.  Maybe she just doesn't know about all the vaccination research that's currently happening, and how many of these places need the extra funding to keep going?  Not sure where I'm going with this 😂 But does anyone think it's worth getting in contact with her about raising some awareness?
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Alda whatever is going on for your arm you can rest assured it is not at all likely to be herpes. Could the blister type things be from the massage causing irritation, perhaps even contact dermatitis? If you aren't seeing improvement soon consider seeing the doctor but it doesn't strike me as anything of much concern.
    • Alda
      I need help; i went and got a massage and 2 days later my upper arm feels super sore and is red with 3 blister type things, each about a small pea size the place I got a massage at was  not very sanitary , it was hot in there and the masseuse was sweating I think (i do have the down south H but haven’t had a breakout in about a year and I still don’t.) my arm does not itch just super sore. I wonder what is on my arm. any ideas?
    • Quest
      It did! There are combinations you can take that will not give you this effect, I just didn't want to do medication anymore. What I am doing https://www.amazon.com/MakingCosmetics-BHT-4-4oz-125g/dp/B01DE780OS read Steve Fowkes free book BHT1/8 t in coconut liquid MCT chain oil. Extremely hard to dissolve. I leave it for a day, must read Steve Fowkes free book online, overdose gets people dizzy! More is not better! Oils will also not get Rancid if you put some in your cooking oils! whole food vitamin, glutamine 3x one gram, suggested by case9 love it DHEA,25mg, most people who breakout have low levels lugols iodine worked way to four drops. Fulvic acid minerals. Thyriod granular meds   When I used to have obs I used monolaurin and st.John s wort. I used diaper rash cream for obs I also still spray genitals with zinc sulfate mixed with water. I learned it kills any virus plus summer sweat won't smell at all!  There is one thing I will not be without and that's BHT and zinc sulfate
    • blurneworder
      Did your hair grow back?
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