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Confused and concerned

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More than two months ago my GF ( 4 ½ years) and I had unprotected sex (oral, vaginal and anal) the very next day I experienced lots of itching around the tip, inside the urethra and shaft of my penis. This symptoms lasted for about 6 weeks. During this time I had 2 UT, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea test. All the test were negative. At the onset I noticed some very small scabbed over cuts or scratches. I believed these scabs were from the rough sex we performed. After about 5 weeks I began to masturbate as the symptoms began to subside. Around the 6 week we engaged in more sexual intercourse first oral and then vaginal. The very next day after vaginal intercourse I began experiencing a lot more itching and burning around my groining area. Within two days I notice several bumps on my face that looked like hair bumps ( I am very hairy and have had a beard since age 11). These bumps didn't feel like normal hair bumps they didn't hurt but dried up and left a mark. After shaving i experienced burning around my mouth, chin and neck. I immediately began researching my symptoms and thought I might have herpes. I immediately went to the doctor for a blood test. Today I got my results and they were negative.

My symptoms have subsided although not completely gone. I don't know what to do. I don't feel my primary doctor has given me sufficient care or advise. I even change (2nd doctor) and obtained my herpes test from a 3rd doctor.

Looking for some good advise. Sufficient

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