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Does anyone have OB Like this?

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About 14 hours after unprotected oral sex i noticed (2) Sores/Scrapes/Cuts not sure what you would call them. The first "Thing" Was about the size of a dime but more of a oval and it was below the head on the underside of my penis. It was Completely flat and was redder thin the rest of my skin. It was also completely dry no puss/fluid. The second "thing" was identical but smaller. A day or two later i also noticed one of the veins in my penis seemed to be puffed out or larger then normal. Is this even a symptom of herpes? anyone experienced this? It might have been my imagination as i was paying allot more attention after i saw the soursm, but maybe not, it was a long time ago. None of the above itched or were painful at all and

I had no other symptoms. I waited and they healed on there own in a few days (they never grew or anything just heeled ). I did get them checked out by a doctor/nurse at planned parent hood and she of course said she definitely did not think this was hereps. Well about two years have gone by an nothing. Right now i think it was just abrasions from rough oral as i have dry skin down there. Well i really just wanted to know if anyone has ever has a outbreak similar to what i have posted, any other help would definitely be appreciated. I am affraid to get a blood test for personal reasons.

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the swelling can be like from the soars themselves. sometimes when you get something on the little man it can kinda swell or stay at a smaller size. its your bodies way of trying not to bother what is already there. as for what it is i have no idea as we cant really see so we cant tell you. get to the doctor man. thats all there is too it.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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