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    • Shubhherpe
      My prognosis is that the funding for herpes will be either cut down or completely stop for sometime. Curing herpes was never on the priority list of NIH. Though i pray my prognosis goes wrong.
    • Just a human being
      I believe from others studies lysine showed mixed effects. HoweverI would question those studies and designs if they are looking at the right factors. The causative factors of chronic infections are a little more complicated than lysine yes or no.  Traditional diets as one can see are naturally high lysine and it seems important in the case of viral infections whether if appears to help or not on the surface.  I posted it as it’s just such a well written and referenced article and explains a lot of orthomolecular science (HTMA science) and is based on the same science as Synergy (science is science published or unpublished!). I cannot tell you how many times I was told this year “It’s not science till it’s published”.  I thought @hk81 might enjoy it as a jumping point into the foray of hazy patchwork of unpublished and published science while applying their keen intellect.  I give this resource to most people as I think it’s an excellent article.   
    • shadowgirl88
      I take 1000mg of L-lysine daily.  I heard it helped tremendously with OBs. And I never have OB’s. So. I believe it!  (And I’m on no suppressive drugs) 
    • iFdUp
      I don't  believe this will affect the HSV research too much. 
    • WilsoInAus
      What makes you think that you have HSV-2 in any or a specific location?
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HSV2 and antidepressants

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Hi Everyone :-)

its my first time posting here so not sure if I am in the right place...

but my story is I was confirmed to have genital herpes when I was 19 years old, caught from a boyfriend I was with since 16 (I am female).

I am now 33, since then I had regular outbreaks. I also suffered severe anxiety and depression (not as a result of herpes as it started before then but possibly contributing over time) 

Late last year my doctor put me on 10mg citalopram to help with the anxiety and depression symptoms and I am in therapy also. However since taking the medication I haven’t had a single outbreak. So going from regular at least monthly for 10 plus years to nothing for 6 months I feel is pretty significant. 

But I have read that antidepressants can weaken the immune system and make outbreaks worse....

Really I am glad that it seems to be helping but also wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences? 





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I don't think my antidepressant makes a difference.

Awesome hope it works on others

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Maybe it's because your anxiety/stress levels are down and stress plays a big part in outbreaks? 

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well, since my doctor seen no effect with valtrex he put me on Bupropion with the reason to calm down my anxiety and maybe it help avoid the outbreaks.. maybe i'll do that, but you guys got any real difference ?


there re some studies on internet but my english isn't very good to understand everything

Edited by BrazilMan

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