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First Successful Disclosure

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I just wanted to share my experience that I just had last night. I have had ghsv1 for a little over a year. I have went on dates with 2 woman, one for a month another for 3 weeks, when it seemed like getting physical was imminent, I disclosed- both were very respectful, and took a few days to finally say they weren't willing to take the test to see if they already had it or take the risk. 

So I met a girl last week, we were Introduced from a mutual friend, and it was instant fireworks for both of us. It was very exciting and we went on a date the next day. We got along great, we have a really good connection. Yesterday was her birthday so I took her out for dinner and we went for a walk after we started talking about going back to her place. So I was like shit, ai should let her know because we both wanted to get intimate. So I just told her that I have the herpes virus, that it doesn't effect me much at all, that I don't get them on my lips, and that I have the kind that 49% of Americans have, and many don't have any symptoms. I told her that I want her to know about this so she can make a descision as to wether or not she wants to continue seeing me. .

Her response was " well thank you so much for being honest with me, but I like you so much, that I don't really care".  I really couldn't have asked for a better response. I explained to her the percentages and risks to her, and again she said , "I am not too concerned about it, I don't think that's a big deal." 

So as you can imagine I am very happy, and I think it goes to show that when the time/person it right- Everything will work out. 

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    • win
      Hey hi202020, the Varivax vaccine definitely removed the neuralgia for me, at least so far (fingers crossed). My signs of HSV1 infection after the blood test came back positive in December (with a high IGG of over 55) were: horrible flu symptoms initially (in February) with swollen lymph nodes, followed by almost non-stop, super painful genital neuralgia, and one oral outbreak in March. However, the neuralgia has completely disappeared since the end of April (about a month or so). I had the first vaccine on April 10 and the booster shot on May 19, so about a week ago.
    • hi202020
      Hey Mackie I have the same neuralgia that you do, did you find anything that helped you? Did you try any vaccines? I’m feeling desperate as I’ve had non stop neuralgia/pain for 4+ months after contracting GHSV-1.
    • mconcerned1986
      Got my igG results after 13 months and it is negative I think I need to put this behind and may be rhink do some shitty infection that is causing this itching in genitals and on face. Just an FYI my Western blot at 7 months post exposure is negative.
    • Mikeike3
      Exactly. Plus some people don't seroconvert ever or for a long time, so it's even larger than that.  Also, it takes longer for hsv. To show up on wb than on a commercial igg test. 
    • Stolo868
      Even Terri says that sensitivity of WB for hsv1 is 95-96%. So somebody has to be in this 4-5%...
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