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Drowning in a daydream

what am I gonna do now

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Drowning in a daydream

So here is the story. Met a girl who was all I ever wanted to be with. Great girl that was into all the stuff I was and loved hangin out with me. I work on boats for a living and am gone for a month at a time. Turns out during my absence boyfriend number two filled the void so to speak. So I came home and like always had a great time with her; until three days later when I got " the sores. " So here I am three months later with hsv and I am not so much scared for myself but what am I gonna do with myself for the rest of my life. I have read all the stories in here about people telling their significant other and when to do it and how and I still today cant even imagine bringing the subject up. Whats worse is I have met this girl who is cool as a fan and would love to have a relatioship with her but I cant bring myself to even think about telling her. I would never have a sexual relatioship with her without telling her because I know what it felt like to find out I had HSV. Call me beginner newbie whatever you want but I am soooo lost right now. I know there is this whole stgma with all this and my analytical mind tells me it will be ok but I dont even know where to turn right now.

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Hi there,

I understand where you're coming from. My thought is to nurture your friendship with this girl you are interested in....take it slow and do things together as friends. That may give you time to know if you just want to be friends, or it will have made you close enough to feel safe when you decide to tell her because you are interested in taking the relationship further.

It's easy to future trip....at least for me....But if I stay in the moment I do much better. I'm a believer that things turn out the way they're supposed to if we don't get in the way. (does that make sense?)

HSV changes how we do relationships....and actually, I think it teaches us how important it is to become friends before thinking about sexualizing the relationship.

Give yourself some space...maybe take a little breather from dating. You will feel better about life sooner than you think.

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I agree take it slow.

I personally when I meet someone see if there is that "connection". And if there is I tell them. Personally I am chicken shit and have only told one person to their face and that was when I first found out. I have told a couple since then. Not all i slept with. None rejected me, but I feel it is easier to just do it. One I wrote a letter explaining everything, one an email (we swapped emails and both of us had the same thing), and one while we were instant messaging and he had cold sores.

My thing is I need to know that they aren't going to run when I put my all into it. so if I feel there could be something I tell them somehow. Saves me from putting to much effort into it for the to just go away.

Make sure you are prepared. make yourself as educated on the subject as possible. This saves you when they ask questions. Understand they may need a couple days.

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I know the feeling

:confused:So here's my story...I found out that I had GH but stayed in denial for awhile becaus I was not getting outbreaks. I figured that I may not really have it that much...(foolish, but true). I was on antivirals and stayed away from serious relationships (involving sex). The problem is, I met this guy, who I am pretty much in love with...when I met him I was on once daily meds and was not having outbreaks, I felt pretty confident that nothing bad could happen with the use of protection and once daily's. Well, here's the problem, we had sex and it gave me an outbreak...I never have outbreaks that blister up into sores, I experince inching and sometimes bumps, which is what I got. I am petrified of telling him that I have GH! We were givign eachiterh massages once and he like brought up how he was a germiphobe and didnt even like being on airplanes!!! What the helll am I supposed to do now? What if he contracts it, I would be mortified!!! and even more ashamed and so sorry for him....and just horrible about myself---I really, really like him, but i think I may have ruined everything...one part of me says leave him alone alll together and just never call and pray he is okay...and the other part of me doesnt wanna leave him hanging if he does get it. What am I going to do, this is eating me up inside and I just dont know whre to begin in even considering what this really means in terms of out relationship

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      Here's the link again https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/30551986/ Bula, always include the http:// in URLs that you post so that we can just click on them instead of having to copy and past to the URL field.
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      Any views on this update on the trivalent vaccine candidate? Appears to show some promise including some effect therapeutically though not sure how much. www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/30551986  
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      I was exposed as condom broke and after feeling funny I got us tested and she sure had hsv2 antibodies was like 15.5. I never got flu like symptoms. Just this mild burning sensation 
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      Thanks and yes I've been careful with towels and I take precaution as if I do have it. The thing is I don't have half the symptoms and maybe hsv1 is helping 

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