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First outbreak questions.....

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I just discovered on my own that what I am experiencing is Herpes.

I got a couple of questions, mainly about how long this will last and if it gets worse.

About 6 days ago I starting having muscle aches that morning and by the afternoon my leg was tingling and buttock was tingling. I thought it was in my head. Then the next day I woke up and it was still there.

My leg began to get sore all the way down like I had a pulled muscle.

That same day I got very sensitive in my genital area.

3 days ago I started getting soreness down there. 2 days ago it started becoming unbearable to go to the bathroom.

I was thinking this was yeast or something else till it hurt to use the bathroom both ways! I looked up some things on the net and when I saw that Herpes was a nerve thing and read about leg pain I knew exactly what was going on.

I have about 5 small sores and almost scream when I use the bathroom, but what is bothering me the worst is the leg pain.

Today it has shifted to the other side and my mouth feels funny, like it could start to break out. Is this common???

I'm just wondering how long I have to endure this and if there is anything I can do now??? It's sunday and my docs office won't be open till Tuesday!!!

I have yet to approach it with my boyfriend, I just hope he already knows he has it. We have been discussing what is going on with me and last night he made the comment that I need to get to the doc and he hopes my problem is cleared up by next weekend for our vacation. That comment kind of led me to believe that he knows more than he's saying. He also was joking last night and said "I warned you in advance that I would rub blisters on it." Who knows?? I remember him having a cold sore a few months back, but I have never noticed anything on his genitals, but I guess it doesn't always work like that anyway.

I'm not real angry over it, just the pain.

My biggest concerns are if indeed this is my first outbreak, how can I relieve some of this pain now at home, and how LONG will this pain last????


Trying to stay sane

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Before you do anything for the pain or sore, you should go see a doctor and get tested.

The doctor will probably do the test for culture lesion. The result is most accurate when you take it withing 48 hours from the time the sore first appeard.

Also, it's possible to get false negative result, especially when you wait too long. At my initial outbreak, I received false negative result.

So if the situation allow you (money, time,..), I think you should go see other doctor tomorrow, or even emergency room.

If he had cold sore (probably HSV-1?), you could get the virus by kissing him, and if he performed oral, you can also get it in genital area.

You don't have to worry so much. Even if it's herpes, the initial outbreak is usually the worst. You're not gonna suffer from this much pain everytime you get outbreak.

Anyway.... I think you should go see a doctor as soon as possible.......

Best wishes..


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I don't know if I have too much to add, as I never really felt enough discomfort to look for a remedy so I don't know what works/doesn't work, but just to add, it does get better/easier after the first outbreak, so glad to hear you sound like you are doing ok emotionally.

good luck,


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Guest Anonymous

Hi. That sounds like what I experience about every week! They say it gets better for most people, but for me it's gotten worse. I hope that's not the case for you, and in many cases, the first outbreak is the worst.

Bathing in epsom salt or mixing it with hot water and pouring it on the area helps a lot. Taking Lysine suppliments helps me too. It cuts all the symptoms off fast! Hope this helps you.

- Layla

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