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Protein Shakes (long)

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I believe that anyone that is serious about controlling their outbreaks should implement changes to their diet. Somewhere on this forum is a really helpful list of foods that should be avoided. The list focused on the lysine/arginine ratio of the foods and showed you which ones would be the most and least likely to contribute to an outbreak.

What I have determined seemed to be that you don't necessarily have to avoid certain foods altogether, but if you eat foods that have a high arginine to lysine ratio you should eat other things to bring the ratio back into a positive range.

Which brings me to the point of this post: PROTEIN SHAKES.

I had wanted to supplement my diet and exercise regimen with protein shakes but when I researched the ingredients I saw that there was 550 milligrams of Arginine per serving! Basically, I thought that I might be guaranteeing an outbreak if I used the protein shakes. However, I also noted that there was 2233 milligrams of lysine in the protein shakes per serving so the ratio would be more than 4 to 1 on the good side. Plus, I was going to do two servings a day so 4466 mgs of lysine to 1100 mg of arginine daily.

My theory: if the ratio of arginine to lysine is the key to preventing outbreaks, adding the protein shakes to a diet would be a great way to ensure that the ratio stayed on the right side of preventing outbreaks.

I have been drinking the shakes, and I have had no problems with outbreaks, but I have also been doing other things to avoid outbreaks (Valtrex daily, B Complex vitamins, no chocolate, no caffeine, no nuts).

Question: Is anyone willing to try the protein shake approach (coupled with a smart diet and a multivitamin but without any antiviral medication) to test the theory?

If no one is willing to try it I may do it myself at some point but I haven't had an outbreak in 11 months so I am a little nervous about going away from what is working for me at this time.

Thanks for reading.

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Just be careful of whats in the shakes.

Just be careful of what the shakes use to sweeten the shakes. I can't have any type or artificial sweetener. No aspartame, sucralose(splenda). I can have stevia or other naturals. If not, i will get outbreak after outbreak, like 2 per month. In my experience, its a lot more important that watching the lysine to arginine ratio.

Best of luck.

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right, i heard artificial sweeteners could trigger an outbreak.. i also consider the flavor, i am very sensitive to chocolate/cocoa...

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I've been doing this for a long time as I've had issues with holding weight (I commute by bike every day).

I've had to limit my flavors to strawberry and vanilla but no biggie. Anyone who's had a protein shake will tell you they're usually not drinking it because it tastes good.

I've been taking Power Shake for a while now with no side effects (ob wise) the flavor is "Vanilla Burst"

It's sold at Whole Foods and is marketed with no artificial sweeteners and soy protein. I don't want to tell people that if they eat it they'll be cured cause that's never true but if you need an additional source or protein in your diet that's safe for HSV-2 then I would recommend Power Shake, it worked for me. it does say it has green tea in it which I normally avoid due to caffeine triggering outbreaks but I haven't had any issues with it yet.

and ps - I don't work for them, not a scam, just got a free sample from a friend who reps their product.

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      Why is it your worst fear to have GHSV-1? 
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      It can be very difficult to diagnose I do not know the lab discussed here but I have read about sexual health clinics that no longer use the blood tests for this reason of false negatives. Even swabs can be hard they were in my case.  I know I have it and never resorted to the biopsy.

      Do your own research and consult with GP's. I would assume you have this until its totally ruled out.  

      I read about a person on this site who tested neg on the IgG and pos on the weston blot.

      Please do your own research. 
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      If it is an issue why not speak to admin about creating two separate threads...one for those looking at natural management and "supposed" natural cures and one looking at medical breakthroughs. That way both interests are served, no one is offended and people who wish to look at both can. No one is excluded and everyone included. Those who want to stay with the medical threads can. Maybe there will be less issues that way. 

      Personally I would prefer not to engage with those who are seeking vaccines and gene tech ect esp if they are nasty or condescending and prefer to support and encourage like minded without the excessive debates in a supported enviro.

      Just putting it out there.

      @Heatbroken Sydney


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