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I had a full screen STI test about 4 months ago. All results were negative, except herpes 1 (which I already knew I've had). The last time I had intercouse was  4 1/2 months ago. I went to another doctor for a full screen about a month ago, just to be sure I was free and clear. Everything came back negative except herpes 1 & 2. I'm not having herpes symptoms that I've read about though. Both doctors told me that my symptoms didn't sound like herpes. I have full intentions of getting a third opinion, as I don't like the way the meds for herpes make me feel. Any advice? 

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Hey @neverbroken-alwaysgrowing and welcome to the website.

I suspect you may not have had the correct testing for your most recent test. Was it for IgG antibodies type specific for HSV-1 and HSV-2 with two results?

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    • Quest
      Right, that's why you spend every waking moment here because you have "PhD's and degrees" That's comical! If you're not messing with someone and hijacking a thread, you get the shakes!
    • MiLoBeng
      Yeah. I missed my old normal life too.
    • blurneworder
      Headaches and brain fog for me. It sucks i can’t eat grain or sugar anymore
    • MiLoBeng
      I wouldn't say HSV is totally harmless at all as it still poses risk for the women who's pregnant/in labor (despite of having antiviral to reduce the risk = it's never 100% risk-free either) + fatal disease to the babies (kiss of death lol..) + small % of people who are immunocompromised might be in danger because of the virus  Even though HSV doesn't kill us but it sure did create lots of inconvenience in our daily lives = Avoiding your favourite food (because of triggers) + disclosing issues in dating + mental stress (because it's incurable + stigma everywhr) + sex issues with loved one (scared of transmission) + dealing with OBs Most doctors (not all) out there only said it's harmless because it won't kill you (they couldn't care less of how you're going to deal or live with it) 🙂  *Some might even not saying anything at all (they just prescribe some med and sent you home) 😐
    • blurneworder
      Break free Wilsoanus! Accept you are wrong about diagnosing herpes.   theres a world out there for you to join and get a life! I noticed the flurry of new accounts making posts recently that you comment on before others. The original poster then praises you. Nice try creating fake profiles. You are a worse troll than Jay
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