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Cincinnati Area, US

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On 9/22/2019 at 10:01 PM, Sadhiker said:

In Cincinnati trying to do research on this stuff at UC.

Cool. What’s the research. I read cincy children’s hospital is one of three across nation leading the way on one vaccine method.  

anything i can do to help. 

i was actually at the 1819 building about 3 weeks ago. 

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Haha, I wish I was doing that research with Dr. David Bernstein. I met with a professor at UC med campus working on CMV (also another herpes virus) last week, but unfortunately he doesn't have any openings for undergraduate students. So I'm working on regenerating nerve cells for stroke victims in the meantime.  

Are you in medicine?

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12 hours ago, Sadhiker said:

Are you in medicine?

Very cool. I recently ran into an issue with the limitations of undergrad research. I’m working to launch a company to battle illicit prescriptions fueling addiction, especially opioids.  I’m not in medicine, but was working to find a good grad student who might be interested in fine tuning the Research proposal. We have a professor, but my background lacks the needed expertise to move forward as quickly as i had hoped.  

Your work sounds amazing. I can’t imagine what it’s like to develop new methods and reach goals that do so much good.  I cannot imagine the pain a family goes through after one experiences a stroke. You’re doing some pretty amazing work and at a great location and with amazing people. Love it. 

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    • Ninie
      Hi Guys, PLEASEEE Keep sharing and signing this link!! Its so important, WE have a voice as well!  How can they run around creating a vaccine for COVID, while people are suffering for years with this awful virus, and nothing has been done....... come on guys, just 20.371 people signed it, and 5 billion people have the virus.. of course they are not going to take us serious if we don't DEMAND help!!!!!! We have to take measures in our own hands, and force them to create a solution... Its NOT okay, to keep suffering like this. SO PLEASE GUYS SHARE, SHARE, SHARE, SHARE and sign this petition!! Lets DO THIS!!!!!!!! http://chng.it/q4DVMpbDzC
    • Nath
      As I have frequent outbreaks inside my nose, my doctor recommend to put acyclovir ointment in my nose. Because of the coronavirus I have never done this.
    • LemonOne9
      The current machines are basically just a small box beside a laptop.
    • TCBH
      Be mindful of the amount of arginine in the collagen you take.  Arginine is a known to cause outbreaks in some people.
    • readytostart
      Thank you Graph14, I didn´t know about this company. It seems intranasal vaccination is cheaper also. Anyway, what I was thinking about, was using existing meds like aciclovir or valaciclovir  but delivering them in a different way, due to the intranasal capacity of absorption. I have to read more about all this, but if anyone can shed some light it would be much appreciated  
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