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Are Supplements safe during breastfeeding?

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I found out last week that I have the dreaded, and i have a few questions:

  1. Is lysine safe to take during breastfeeding?
  2. HOw can i pee without feeling to die?
  3. Why is it that women suffer more than men in this?
  4. Should be area with the ob be dry? because my doc gave me some cream to apply 3 times a day


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1. I'm not to sure about the lysine but everything online says to talk to your doctor before.

2. Try peeing in a tub, or using a squirt bottle to put water on your sores while peeing. Also don't eat anything acidic.

3. NO idea

4. They say to keep to make sure the sores can breathe. So if this cream allows it to breathe then it is okay. just like they say you can put pure aloe on them because it still allows them to breathe.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores


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