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Disclosure and unsure partner

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I recently met a new male who we really hit it off so well. Instant connection. A connection neither of us have ever felt. 

I was diagnosed HSV2 + last February. Only had the initial outbreak and have been on suppressive therapy for a year. Haven’t had any other outbreaks since. 

I disclosed to him my diagnosis and he was shattered. He really has such strong feelings towards me that it was really hard news for him to take. We talked through it. And he said he still wants to get to know me before he can make a decision if he wants to be with me. 

He even came to my doctor appointment with me to learn more about it so he can make an informed decision instead of reading everything online. He’s still so unsure and I just fear that he will always be unsure. I’m so sad and upset about it all. Because he told me that without this diagnosis he would date me immediately. It’s hard to not get depressed but I am trying to stay positive because at the end of the day, he didn’t run. He’s still wanting to get to know me and hang out. 

Im just wondering if anyone has had experiences with someone who initially was really hesitant and then changed their mind and decided to be with them. Just need to hear some positive experiences of disclosure because I’m feeling so such a low point. 

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    • Muscha
      This guy is a bitter guy.  He foams at the mouth and rants. (I think he is jealous of Wilso) I have seen your posts and realize you are frightened and trying to reassure yourself.  There is truth in trusting your Drs but Wilso is knowledgable especially at reading the test values.  You are going to be ok.
    • LightafterDarkness
      Pritelivir study phase II updated a couple days ago (Sept 19) and holding steady at a March 2020 completion date. Based on all current findings this could effectively be a "functional cure" which could halt symptoms and cut transmission risk to near zero. Lets all continue to hope for good news here https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03073967
    • WilsoInAus
      That’s good news mate. If only herpes lesions did that!
    • LightafterDarkness
      Great to see another candidate progress forward- hope to see a phase I kick off in 2020. Remember all it takes is 1 goal to succeed, the more shots on goal the better   Sounds like Dr. Friedman was alluding to this paper in his conversation with @mikeherp    
    • Lisa21
      @iFdUp i seen these on my patient portal... it’s the weekend so i won’t be able to talk to my doctor till Monday and thanks for being rude about it 
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