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Pregnancy and Herpes

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For the past 6 years i have been living with recurrent outbreaks on the palm of my right hand. It has been the cause of many embarrassing situations like breakups and even being evicted from where i was living when i was first diagnosed. Over the years the outbreaks have become less common and more predictable (thankfully). After the first year of outbreaks and countless visits to doctors and dermatologists i had finally gotten a diagnosis and medication. about 2 years later i had a similar lesion on the side of my foot on the same side of my body, knowing how hard it was to find a doctor who knows whats going on i opted out of rushing over to my family doctor. Luckily i have only had about 1/4 of the outbreaks on my foot as on my hand. Furthermore, i find the pain from the infection on my foot is much easier to cope with than when i experience and outbreak on my hand. In Feb 2006 i gave birth to a wonderful and healthy baby girl who to date has no signs or symptoms that she may be infected. In july of 2007 i became pregnant again and ended up with a new doctor who told me that what i have is called herpes whitlow and poses very low risk to the baby. 6 months later (very recently) i woke up one morning with extreme pulsing sensations on my outer labia, and upon looking realized that I HAVE GENITAL HERPES! That morning i had also woke up with outbreaks on my hand and foot, and i suspect on the inside of my nostril too. For 6 years i was certain that i was taking the precautions needed to keep myself and my husband risk free, and now i'm terrified!

I am desperately trying to find out if the spread is being caused by pregnancy hormones and could i have HSV1 and 2? Unfortunetly i live in a city where doctors are scarce and even being pregnant i can only get into a clinic to see doctors which means that i see a different doctor every time i go in. Which means i get a different diagnosis every time i go in. My baby is due in march and i've never been so scared and depressed. My husband is scared to come near me, and has even likened me to being a "biohazard" he jokes that he doesnt want to end up like Kevin Spacey on Outbreak... Am i suposed to demand that the doctors take cultures of every possibly infected area to find out whats happening... Could it be that because i dont take medications while pregnant that i'm forcing it to spead (mind you i havent taken meds for my "whitlow" in over 3 years) I'm SOOOO confused and worried and need some feedback.... help!

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Well, you probably passed the whitlow to yourself genitially. Good thing is that you have always taken medicine and you will have antibodies in your system.

I had my son after being diagnosed. You will have to inform your doc that you do haev it so they can examine you during delivery to make sure you aren't having an outbreak. I have my son vaginally with no problems.

The pregnancy horomones can make your outbreaks worse but will not spread the virus. The virus is spread through contact, not within your body.

And forgive me for saying this but your husband sounds like an inconsiderate smartass. (sounds all to familar with me) that's why mine is now an EX.

Don't stress, you will just makes things worse for you.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • emz
      Is someone able to kindly explain to me what synergy products actually do without opinions or disagreements on its effectiveness? For example what ingredients are involved and how does it aim to target the virus. Can't find any info online. Hope someone can help. Many thanks 
    • Roja
      Why is it your worst fear to have GHSV-1? 
    • Miss Horne
      Not sure if this has already been mentioned before, could we donate to his lab? Hsv specifically? 
    • Gems
      It can be very difficult to diagnose I do not know the lab discussed here but I have read about sexual health clinics that no longer use the blood tests for this reason of false negatives. Even swabs can be hard they were in my case.  I know I have it and never resorted to the biopsy.

      Do your own research and consult with GP's. I would assume you have this until its totally ruled out.  

      I read about a person on this site who tested neg on the IgG and pos on the weston blot.

      Please do your own research. 
    • Gems
      If it is an issue why not speak to admin about creating two separate threads...one for those looking at natural management and "supposed" natural cures and one looking at medical breakthroughs. That way both interests are served, no one is offended and people who wish to look at both can. No one is excluded and everyone included. Those who want to stay with the medical threads can. Maybe there will be less issues that way. 

      Personally I would prefer not to engage with those who are seeking vaccines and gene tech ect esp if they are nasty or condescending and prefer to support and encourage like minded without the excessive debates in a supported enviro.

      Just putting it out there.

      @Heatbroken Sydney


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