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I am hsv2+ and need opinions about my relationship, feeling guilty and gross.

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So my boyfriend and I have been together for five months. I got tested back before we slept together and of course they didnt check for hsv. Everything else came back clean. I have been working as an exotic dancer (stripper) since like a month into our relationship and he was okay with it. About a month ago we started not using condoms and a week later we both had an "outbreak" at the same time. This was both new and shocking to us because I know for 100% fact that he was clean. Hes not the kind to sleep around and he hadn't been in a relationship for years before me and even then hes crazy about condoms and safe sex. I got mine swabbed and it came back positive. I took medicine and we never really knew if his was herpes or razor burn. 

I feel like I had to have gotten it from the club (I do not have sexual contact with customers but there were a couple incidents where a customer touched me without my consent and I cried to my boyfriend and told him immediately both times). My doctor said that I very well could have gotten it from that if the customer touched himself before touching me... I feel awful and so disgusting. I no longer dance because it made me realize how risky it is.. 

My boyfriend doesn't seem to care.. he was planning on buying me an engagement ring the week that we had the outbreak and he still did. He said it doesn't change anything and it's not a big deal, but I feel so guilty about it. I'm still having a little irritation after we have sex, and I dont have any symptoms anymore other than just being sensitive if we go too long. I will be crushed if he has these horrible problems, or even worse, gets it on his mouth.. he went down on me the week that we had the outbreak before we knew what it was. I am soooo freaking scared. He doesn't care to get it. He said if I have it, we have it and theres no point in trying to avoid him getting it because he probably already has it and we want a baby in the next year or so.. I just feel extremely guilty about the entire thing.  

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Hey @Angie040417 hope you’re going ok.

Note that it is not feasible that you obtained herpes from a touch from a customer.

The most rational explanation with the fewest assumptions is almost invariably the correct one. This explanation for you is that your partner has HSV-2 and based on his actions, quite probably knows this.

That said, there is much, much more to life that renders things such as a herpes infection largely irrelevant. Play your life and choose your actions with no reference to HSV

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    • Umajin
      I was diagnosed with a single, small herpes sore decades ago.  Never had another outbreak after that. on Dec 28, I vigorously masterbated, while also having been flu-like and under a tremendous amount of personal stress.  Basically, the tri-fecta... 6 bumps came the next day, formed blisters over the next 2 days and then slowly healed over. its now been 1 month and I can still see the remnants of the papules.   in fact today, I was having a tingling feeling and general “warmness” around the area. im wondering if I’m getting another outbreak?  And how long it takes for the papules to completely disappear?   thanks in advance for any thoughts
    • LightafterDarkness
      Thanks @MikeHerp for continuing to lead on this front- a permanent cure is that much closer thanks to your efforts and the inspiration you have given many to join in this cause. Looking forward to positive news this year on multiple fronts against this pesky virus!
    • LightafterDarkness
      Content should be familiar to many people here but still an interesting read. Great to see sources continuing to push back against the stigma: "“Back before Time Magazine did a cover story on herpes in the late 1970’s, we didn’t think of it as an STI. We thought of it as a normal thing — fever blisters, we often called it — and it wasn’t a big deal. Because most everyone had a cold sore now and then. But then, acyclovir came out and the [pharmaceutical] companies wanted to make a lot of money, so they started advertising it,” Dr. Graves says. “Because of misogyny, they made it this big dramatic thing and the ads mostly were about how women wouldn’t want to transmit it to partners. So it became stigmatized.”" https://www.sheknows.com/health-and-wellness/articles/2152344/medical-providers-herpes-sti-stigma/  
    • LeighAnn
    • LeighAnn
      So I posted about a week ago about being exposed by a partner who didn’t disclose until after. After talking with him and y’all on here I was a lot more comfortable that everything was ok. Well this morning I noticed these while using the bathroom. I shaved to get a closer look. I originally thought ingrown hairs as I get them but usually on my thighs. But I don’t see hairs and no pus. I’m calling dr in morning to see what they say just wanted opinions. They do hurt some it’s how I noticed them. I was also sick over weekend but again my kids had the flu the week before so I just assumed I caught the flu from them even though my flu test was negative. I am going to call dr first thing in morning, just wanted opinions on it tonight to ease my anxiety some. Thank you    hang on working on photo
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