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Condom length - Does it help?


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I have seen on several expert forums that in men the virus sheds from the penis shaft (as well as perineum and anus) and that the risk of asymptomatically infecting someone is that condoms do not cover the base of the shaft.

I was wondering which degree of protection can offer XL condoms such as these ones:



Being extra long, they cover the entire shaft (I tried them and thats the case, without being too loose).

Would this further decrease the risk of spreading the virus?


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@LucasA you have not been diagnosed with herpes at this time, so don’t let your thinking get too far ahead.

Condoms are great protection for all from all STDs. The better the coverage of the condom, the better.

All men buy XL condoms! Ansell are still waiting for the day that they sell a box of ‘small’. ;) 

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@WilsoInAus Correct, I haven't been diagnosed.

However, I have had some symptoms that are worrying me and since I need to wait a couple more months before a reliable blood test (no sores or blisters to swab so far), I am simply investigating what are the best ways of protecting future partners until I get a final diagnosis.

I know that the first couple of months are the ones where a person is the most infective, and guilt would kill me if I happen to unknowingly spread something just because I can't be diagnosed. 😊

I am checking condom sizes and it looks like some of them (Trojan Magnum) are very long - 205mm - and therefore cover pretty much the entire shaft as opposed to 3/4 of it.

Just food for thoughts for other users. :)

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