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Herpes Nightmare

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I don't know if this corner is the right place for my writing because it is just a true story. But maybe it can be considered as art of writing so I will share it with you here:

I am camping in the forest with a nice woman that I know for some time and started a fling with. She doesn't know that I have genital herpes. At night we take a walk away from our tent and find a tree house high up in a strong tree with a ladder attached to it. We climb up and find it really cozy there, so we decide to bring our camping mats up and spend the night there. After making out a bit we slowly fall asleep.

I begin to dream. In my dream herpes comes to my mind and I inspect my penis. After pulling the foreskin backwards I see a blister and become desperate. Why does this have to happen right now that I am with her? What should I do now? I should take my Valtrex now to avoid the worst and stop the outbreak!

The worrying wakes me up. I tell her that I need to go back to the tent because I forgot something. She replies "a few more kisses would be nice". I say "I'll be right back". I walk back to the tent and inside the tent I check my penis to see if the blister is really there as I had seen it in my dream. It is really there in the exact same spot with the same size. I start searching for the medication. It's too dark, I can't find it so I keep on searching with my flashlight. Close to the tent I see a big puddle that has developed by rain or probably water that has gathered there in some other way. Some of our stuff got flooded by it and is lying in the dirty water now. Besides other stuff I suddenly see my Valtrex pills in there. Lots of pills are in there and the packages have all gotten soaked up with water. The blue coating of the pills has turned black already and they look kind of squishy. All my meds got ruined by the water! I am unsure if I should still take them anyway or if it might do more harm than good in this condition. Is it safe to consume the black squishy pills lying in the dirty water? Will they even have an effect or will the dirty water rather make me sick? Why do I have to get an outbreak exactly while I'm with her and then I can't even take my medication? The thoughts make me worried again.

I wake up. Again. I'm in my bed. There is no camping, no tree house and no woman that I have a fling with who doesn't know that I have herpes. My real girlfriend who knows that I have herpes is lying next to me sleeping peacefully. I begin to realize that it was a dream inside a dream. I go to the bathroom and check my penis. This time the blister is not there. I am relieved. Then I check again closely for a minute and find a spot that is slightly red and might be a prodromal symptom. Or I might as well be wrong and overcautious. I pop a Valtrex pill and go back to bed. I take a deep breath, hug my girlfriend from behind and try to fall asleep again.

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    • alextheman
      You have to lower your stress.Stress is a big key.Me im trying to sleep more and lower my stress.Im trying to not worry about having herpes.I have it,and there is nothing i can do,So why stress myself about it?Im taking medicine to help suppress it.For me stress and sleep are my biggest factors.
    • nakedandafraid
      How long after you had sex with this woman did you exhibit symptoms? What makes you think she has herpes?
    • hobson
      Hi she got the cold sore a couple days ago after oral . Always use a condom. She isn’t got herpes as far as I’m aware but she got a cold after she performed oral on me . She sent me a pic of the cold sores.  I don’t know why they didn’t do blood tests. I have read a PCR test is accurate. I don’t know how to get closure from this. 
    • nakedandafraid
      Im no admin, but ive seen many folks share photos looking for info. I think its ok.  If I may ask, how long after having sex with this woman did the symptoms appear?  Ive heard that pc swabs are pretty accurate.. Did this woman tell you she has herpes, or did you hear it through a third party?  I dont see why they wouldnt give you the iGg / iGm blood test. If im not mistaken, you can order one yourself and go to a local Quest/Labcorp (depending on where you live)  i assume the cold sores are on her mouth? Did you see them, or did she tell you about them?   
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @K1009 that all sounds a typical experience of transmission between partners. Please take heart, after the first few months, many people experience extremely few outbreaks of any with gHSV-1. Also you cannot feasibly give this back to your partner, you are now concordant sexually in terms of HSV and your immune systems will protect you from further infection.
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