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Is this Herpes? Pics, symptoms inside

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Had an encounter about 3.5 weeks ago. Unprotected oral and vaginal. The next day and or 2 I noticed I had some dull pain in my penis base and my penis head was kind of sensitive. Ive never expeeienced this before. Then I notice some red bumps on my tyson gland but they look more like pimple. Till this day thos spots have stayed there without getting worse or changing.

Then, about a week ago I notice the my penis corona (ring around penis head) is kinda inflamed. And there seems to be bumps but they only really appear when the penis is starting to get aroused. They are very unnoticeable when penis is flaccid or soft.

Anyways I got tested 3 days after the encounter, igg bloodtest and it came back postive for hsv1, negative for hsv2

Based on what Ive read, Ive had hsv1 for some time, but could this now be hsv2?

Im not sure what this is, does it look like hsv2 herpes?



I also can feel a tingling in my testicles from time to time. Its gotten less as time goes on but I can feel something.

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16 hours ago, WilsoInAus said:

Hey @Mezpi I suggest they are not related to herpes, they look like papules to me.

Are papules common to pop up after sex? It just seems like too much coincidence

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Clear pic @Mezpi and I see a very normal penis. Papules on the rim and penile stems on the head of the glan.

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    • Newinthecomb66
      I’m scared of dating again just because of this matter, I think sexless relationships don’t ever really work, ppl do judge and forget about their own issues...  lot of ppl around me I see their condition and they probably don’t care much about it. If your bf really loves you and wanna be with you, your condition shouldn’t matter, because love is much bigger than that, it’s not something that will kill him or kill you,  Ppl will still be happy have kids, start family... ans as long as your are healthy and take care of yourself it will just stay dormant like 1000s of viruses we all have. 
    • Cces
      I was diagnosed with HSV 2 6 months into a monogamous relationship in which we used condoms every time.  My boyfriend is negative.  He does not want to break up, but not have sex either.  He is too afraid to do anything else but kiss.  I'm afraid not having sex will put a strain on our relationship and set us up for failure.  I'm not sure if we should break up or be together forever without sex.  Any thoughts?
    • hope2486
      Thank you! I’ve decided next time to not be afraid to tell someone. I do live in a small town which sucks lol. 
    • Cas9
      @NewYork33 Anything from Synergy is bullshit.
    • NewYork33
      Hey all!  Can anyone advise on this post on this new Bloomberg article regarding HSV cure through Synergy Pharmaceuticals? https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2020-02-11/synergy-pharmaceuticals-novel-approach-could-treat-herpes-virus
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