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Case of The Ex

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I'm glad I found this site. Here I go:

In Aug 06' I broke up with my ex of 2 years.. In Feb 07' I went back and had unprotected sex. Around March I started to feel a burning when I urinated and my GYN gave me a prescription to treat a U.T.I. I was fine after that. Then again in May I went back for a check up.. my doc left me a vague VM in which I thought nothing. Fast Forward to the Present. Im in a new relationship of about 1 mth and YESTERDAY I went to the GYN b/c I had some irritation. She said it was bacterial vaginosis( not an std.. ) gave me 2 prescriptions and I thought everything was all fine and dandy. Until she sat me down and said" Remember when you came in May.. and never called me back.... You tested positive for Herpes 1. Negative for Herpes 2.

So.. Basically all day yesterday.. I was crying. My boyfriend was crying. I went through all the normal emotions. Angry, blaming the ex... wondering if my new guy was going to leave me. I'm so thankful that he isn't. He says we're in this together.. he doesn't look @ me differently.. and etc.etc.etc.

So-- now I just want some final questions answered I guess. I've done some research online.. but it's still kind of unclear.. and although I love my GYN.. I didn't leave her office pleasantly. I'm still confused.

SO.. correct me if I'm wrong but these are the facts I've read..

THe only real difference btwn Herpes 1 & 2 is location. 1 is basically on your face, lips, etc... and 2 is below the waist. Some websites say you can really only infect someone during a "breakout" while others say you can pass it along without even knowing it. Which is it?:confused:

If you can pass it along at anytime - - then if I EVER have sex w/ my boyfriend ( unprotected) then theres a possibility that He can be infected? ANd.. even if I DO use a condom-- and still KISS him.. couldnt he be infected that way as well?

Herpes 1 weakens my immune system and with a weak immune system you're more suscestible to pass it along? Can I take immune booster pills or something like that to reduce that possibility? My Doc says it depends on how high of a percentage of Herpes you have but there is no way to find out how much you have...?

Can I kiss my boyfriend normally..???? :confused: Since May.. I believe I've had an open sore in my mouth... which I thought was nothing. At the time I was single.. so no one was harmed. I guess that was an outbreak?

-Sigh-. I'm 21 and I'm not a promiscuous person by all means.. and I still cant believe this happened to me. Not even the fact that 80% of people in this world have it.. can soothe the shock. So.. anyones ANSWERS Will REALLLLLLLLLLLLYY HELP ME.

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This is confusing stuff I know. I am also awaiting clear answers, and becoming increasing resigned to the reality that I may never get them.

Were you diagnosed with HSV1 through a blood test or a culture?


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MsSensitivity - Hsv1 and hsv2 are two completely different viruses. When you get tested they can be distinguished by the antibodies you produce to protect yourself from them.

Either virus can infect you orally and genitally.

If you had genital symptoms which prompted the testing it is likely that you have a genital infection.

These viruses are most contagious when there is an active ob but they are also contagious when there are no signs of an ob. If you have an oral infection it can be spread by kissing.

Contracting hsv does in no means indicate that you are promiscuous. This virus is equal opportunity and doesn't descriminate, it loves everyone.

I'm going to attach a link that might help explain stuff better.


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What about all my other questions? I'm still unclear. The only thing I learned is that since genital symptoms prompted the testing... it means I probably have something genital. Even though my doctor said its only H1.

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HSV1 CAN AND IS GENITAL HERPES in a lot of people if the symptoms are in the genital region. It just means the type of genital herpes you have is type 1. You might also have it orally....sounds like you do possibly because of the oral sore you had....hard to say. Not all people who have it orally even show coldsores but can still pass it sometimes from their oral region if they do in fact have it orally. If you have genital symptoms and a positive blood test for herpes1 then I would assume you had hsv1 genitally....and possibly orally as well based on your assumption you had it orally. Either way...having it genitally or orally means you can always potentially transmit the virus from your infected region. If you are shedding(no signs or symptoms of this at all...but happens some of the time from either location(whichever is infected) then you can transmit it to someone else.

If you have it genitally then your whole genital area can potentially be contagious some of the time..it doesnt just mean from the actual vagina or buttocks only.....you never know when you are contagious either.....it is random......except for when you are lucky enough to show symptoms...itching, redness, etc. But it is possible to transmit it FROM your genitals TO someone elses mouth if they give you oral sex (with or without you having symptoms this is possible) and if you have it genitally you can also spread it TO someone elses genitals thru having sex with them.

IF you have it ORALLY then you can transmit it TO someone elses genitals if you give them oral sex (giving them genital herpes) OR if they kiss you on the mouth.....then they can catch it ORALLY from you(giving them oral herpes). Either way it doesnt matter where it is located in terms of classification......if you have a positive test for herpes type 1 it means you have herpes type 1 living in some part of your anatomy...perhaps nerves in the genital region, oral region, or both....but it is still herpes type 1 either location. You need to watch for signs to alert you to where you may be infected.....all you know is you have herpes plain and simple.....but in which location? the signs and symptoms you get will alert you to the infected regions....and if you are like many who dont know if you are infected orally, genitally, or in both places then you need to take precautions and inform people of this fact. Condoms dont protect you from getting it genitally because they only cover a small area and the virus can be shedding anywhere in the genital region when it is active. Hope this helps clarify a bit. Hope its not too confusing.

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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      Ok so here’s my background.  I hade my first outbreak genitially about 2 months ago.  I got swabed positive for GHSV1. My blood tests were neg so I am assuming a new infection but who knows if I had it or not.  I been reading on here and other research. So I got oregano oil and started to use it on my lower back with coconut oil to dilute it.  I was putting the combo on and would use a couple large bandaids to apply it and keep it in place overnight.  Did it for about 5 days.  I peeled off my bandaids two days ago and had two sores where the sticky part is about an inch apart.  Does the oregano oil attract the virus to cause an outbreak like this in the spot on lower back or are the sores from irritation of possibly too much oregano oil?  Anyone have a clue if this is an outbreak and caused by putting the oil there?
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      They said excision is a suppressor too
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      Well maybe if we started funding and stopped talking we can finally end it, I want my love life back tf and I remember someone saying there was funding and we can fund but no one is taking steps far as I can see
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