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Ummmm Questions ??!! HeLp pLs!!!

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Ok, im very new to this... about a week and of course some days are better than others but the more i read to get answers the more questions i hav...

so ::: 1. How do you find out which type you hav?? this mite b tmi, but in my case i have it down there .... the person i think i got it from had to hav it orally because i only allowed him to giv me oral, so would that mean i hav type 1??

2. I read that type 1 is supposed to b less severe... is that true?? tho i realize that everyone is different. I jus got over my primary, it was horrible and very disturbing to me to see my most intimate parts blistered that way.... :( that alone was the cause of many nites of tears.. Thankfully it cleared within a week. Im now terrified that it will come bak soon... it was very very very uncomfortable/painful ...

3. How do you keep it from spreading to other areas, surrounding or just anywhere else on your body?? I find myself washing my hands constantly but i hav eczema so that gets to b irritatin. Again might be TMI,, but this time it was limited to my outer labia and around on one side around my rectum. Ive seen pix of girls where there were sores on the clitoris which i imagine is excruciation... or inside the vagina.... how do i stop it from going there?? I was scared to wash the way i usually do fearing that i would push viral particles in other places?? that and it hurt like hell to clean them...

4. I had been pouring peroxide over them and besides stinging a lil it seemed to help, will that cause any problems?? make it worse??

5. Most of the blisters didnt pop... are they supposed to??

** thank you to anyone/everyone who responds **

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I don't know the awsners to all of yours but I can tell you what I know.

I think type 1 is generally like cold sores and type 2 is gential... but I may be wrong. I'm pretty sure you can get type two from type 1.

Your blisters wont pop. Mine personally turn into little leisions... or little sores.

I don't think peroxide is a good idea... I would consult with a doctor about it first. It was mentioned by someone else that the gold bond helped releive the pain. I haven't tried it yet though.

As far as preventing it from spreading, be sure to take medication at the first sign if not constantly. Shower daily and keep everything clean. They will spread where they want to spread, normally they only appear on inner thighs, gentials, and the butt. I have only had mine in the gential area and havent had it spread elsewhere before.

I'll share my TMI with you. My last outbreak I was worse than normal. I ended up with a leision right where you pee. It was discomforting, but it wasn't horrific. I was able to continue my daily life as normal... I also have a slightly enlarged clit, (Ex boyfriend thought biting, not nibbleing, biting was sexy... talk about painful) and everyonce in awhile get them there too, no biggy really. I know its really scary but it does get better and it's not as scary as it seems. The worst part to me is the itch and slight irritation feeling.

And when I first got it, My outbreaks were more constant, and worse than now. Now I really only get minor ones, just a little itch here and there. I hope this helped. Feel free to write me if you like.

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hsv1 is always hsv1 and hsv2 is always hsv2. Either virus strand can infect orally or genitally. Neither can "become" the other.

If you take care to wash your hands carefully after each time you touch your infected areas you should be able to keep from spreading the virus to other parts of your body.

You can find out which strand of virus you have acquired by having either a blood test or a swab culture. A blood test is most reliable if you wait 8-16 weeks after exposure. A swab test will only give you a reliable result if the virus is present on the skin at the time of the swab.

I have heard numerous individuals report that hydrogen peroxide was helpful to them but I have not had a dr. suggest it's use to me.

you want to avoid using any products containing hydrocortisone if you have blisters or sores present because it can make the infection worse.

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