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Genital Herpes and not Oral Herpes?


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Long story short, I hooked up with a guy 7 days ago. We made out and exchanged unprotected oral sex. I have absolutely no signs of oral herpes present, from what I've read online anyway. I've also always had pretty abundant Fodyce Spots along my shaft and scrotum; however, now a ton of smaller bumps have developed all over my foreskin and predominantly glans. As nothing hurts, I'm not sure if they're just papulles that became present (for whatever reason) or something related to genital herpes (please reference the photos below). 


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Hey @ChrisM the first thing I can assure you of is that what you see there is not herpes.

I’ve got to say, I can’t see anything abnormal in the pics at all, most penises look that way.

Are you particularly stressed over the encounter? Not your partner?

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@WilsoInAus it was just really alarming, as I've never had all of those small bumps on my glans before. They're a lot more noticeable when erect as well, which is kind of shocking. Also being the fact that it was a random "hookup" doesn't help much with paranoia hah. They said they were clean, but you can never be too sure of things. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate all the help!

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