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CRISPR Gene Editing Will Be Used Inside Humans For the First Time (legitimately) in Treatment for Blindness


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When will we be next?



Researchers will use an injection to deliver the treatment directly to the light-sensitive cells, according to a statement from Editas Medicine, the company that is conducting the study along with Allergan.

The trial will enroll a total of 18 patients, both children (ages 3 and up) and adults.

The new study is different from the controversial research of a Chinese scientist who used CRISPR to edit the genomes of twin babies last year. In that case, the Chinese scientist edited the DNA of embryos, and these gene alterations could be passed down to the next generation, the AP reported. In the new study, the DNA edits made in the children and adults cannot be passed down to their offspring, the AP said.

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Pretty exciting stuff here and this step helps all potential gene therapies coming down the pipeline- we should all be cheering and pulling for success in this trial. Many scientists and doctors rightly argue that gene therapy is just as big of an invention as the creation of antibiotics in the mid 20th century which was a step function change for human health and therapy. Very excited and hopeful by what we can expect in the next 3-10 years not just for HSV options but all other therapies potentially coming

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