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HSV - 1 Whats your experience off having it?!

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23year old Female; Been a year since a swab came back HVS1 positive on my vag!

I’ve never had an STI in my life and Really compared to my friends have only had sex a handful of times.. so why me. *Tear sliding down my face. 

6 partners.. 2 of which were after my first outbreak (unprotected one nighters - clearly didn’t learn my lesson) 

I didn’t tell them, is that bad of me? They didn’t ask.. and after all it’s just a cold sore nore was I having a flare up at the time I actually forgot I had it for a while!

I have endlessly trolled website after website..most of them contradicting others, I feel like I know more now then any doctor ever could! 

On my year anversery of contracting this thing I had a nasty flare up. 5 weeks. To be fair though no where near as painful as my first! Had I of not left it four weeks to get the antivirals I feel like it wouldn’t have been half as bad - this makes me feel a little better knowing it’s not going to be as bad as my first although I do here you can get them in you wee hole *ekkkkkkk

that scares me.

Anyways.. I want to know anything and everything about your experiences! 

Triggers - food, sex, exhaustion, periods (or periods/ hormones effect HSV 2 more so)??

I just started a very physical job when I got my first and current reoccurance riding race horses in the saddle for 5 hours+  6 days a weeks do you think irritation had somthing to do with it? I wasn’t sleeping well either so maybe I was exhausted? 

Reoccurance rate 

Do you tell your boyfriends

Do you pretend your one of those people who don’t know untill they get a flare up - has that ever worked against you? 

Do you just say you get cold sores? 

If both has ghsv 1 can we have sex or will it still spread? 

I went to a sexual health clinic after the outbreak upset and crying.. I asked if my sex life was over she basically laughed in my face and went don’t be stupid, I wouldn’t even tell them you have it! The question is what if I was to have a flare up.. and with this new job I worried flare ups are going to happen quite often! 

After all it is just a cold sore. 


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Hi there, 

Doctors are so unethical, now and days. They have no kind of tactical approach. Smh....

Morally I think you should be honest to a partner. And make sure they are worth your time. Focus on knowing a person rather then just pleasure. At the end it’s not worth the hassle. Even if you sleep with a person with a condom there’s still a chance of contracting the STI. And yes you can definitely still be contagious. 

I think your job is frictional to the groin region and definitely in the heat it will be worse for you. 

Work on building your immune system and try to eat clean organic foods. Ozone therapy helps, structured silver, ozonated oils also help. Look into doing parasite and candida cleanse. 

look up Draxe.com on topics

Dr Gordon Pedersen and Dr Robert Rowen


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I have ghsv1. I've had it 15 months now. I go long periods without an ob ( apart from the first 4 months) but with me it's always stress that brings one on. It's only ever 1 blister these days and I get a bit itchy down there and that's how I notice the blister. I've tried staying off certain foods etc and that didn't work so I went back to my normal diet ( I eat a healthy vegan diet) and the ob stopped for a long time. As for sexual partners, I would be honest with them as I would hate for someone else to get this from me. I haven't had a partner since getting it because I'm too scared to disclose so I would rather remain single. I think if I did meet someone really special then I would go down the do you get coldsores route and probably ask them to get tested and then we would know exactly what type of risk we were dealing with. 

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Per Terri Warren recent research suggests that ghsv1 shedding drops sharply after year 1. Everybody is different of course so read these numbers as a guide but you have to imagine that protection and meds decrease these percentages further (not to mention that if your partner already has oral hsv than they are inoculated already) 

"Shedding at 3 months out is 7% and at 2 years 1.3% so somewhere in between those two. "



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    • hk81
      It was not the main point of the discussion. Did I write that I believe in such an approach? I only referred to it because I wanted to point out that researchers have always been looking at the condition called latency, trying to demystify it.
    • avr
      I'm not the one who claimed that he said that, and I don't have time now to read the literature to try and find it. Bob made the claim so if anything then he should be the one to back it up. I am not doubting that the fasting mimicking diet works to get autophagy going. It's a vegetable soup with some fat, so it makes sense that it would - glucose and protein inhibit autophagy, so just leave them both out and run on fat and micronutrients for a while. It's actually a kind of ketogenic diet, just without protein. Yet at the same time as promoting this specific type of keto diet, he trashes the standard keto diet with arguments that make no sense to me. That's why he seems suspect to me, because it looks like he is trying to tell people that his own expensive product is the only way to get the coveted autophagy, that you can't get it yourself simply through doing keto and/or intermittent fasting. And his product is quite overpriced for a simple vegetable soup, which is all it really is. I can make that myself. Or just boil some veggies and add some butter or a creamy sauce, I used to eat such meals quite often actually before I went carnivore. I must have been getting lots of autophagy then without even realising it. Yes, it might be that he is right about the onset of autophagy, or half-right if it depends on how keto-adapted you are. But since he has a vested interest, his word should not count as evidence for us. I don't think that's being unfair to him. If Bob wants us to believe it, he needs to provide evidence from a neutral source. @Bob8857 Do you have any better evidence?
    • The Hammer
      Not sure wth this is but I'm thinking the worst!! Been with 2 woman for the past 14 yrs and this popped up after I trimmed and shaved. Never had anything like this pop up b4
    • Muscha
      Please. Go ahead for transparency sake...let him.know you tested negative on a western blot and every other test before you tell him you have hsv. Because we all know it's coming.  Feel the Blurne!!!
    • WilsoInAus
      Post flagged for moderation. You have once again hijacked the thread to self serve your own delusion, You’ve been warned multiple times by several moderators and on your last warning. Your diagnosis was not confirmed but hypothesised on the basis of a now false positive IgG test. The WB failed to confirm.
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