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So I am 99% sure I have HSV2. My ex boyfriend and I first started dating in highschool and were together for 2.5 years, the only reason we broke up was because of long distance and never really stopped communication feelings are still there for the both of us. During those times, I had tried new relationships and had been with people I trusted.

Now that I am back home we had been on a few dates and everything is just like how it used to be. We haven't had sex since i've been home (thank god) and recently started having symptoms of herpes, got tested and bam positive for HSV2. I am extremely positive I got it from one the guys I had been with at college, one of them had said he just got tested and was clear and the other got tested but is being an ass saying he doesnt have symptoms and if he does have it, its because of me (real mature...)

The real dilemma is, how in the world am I suppose to tell him and anyone reading this how have you told your SO or new partner about this disease... My heart is breaking, but I am being positive and am a huge believer in everything happens for a reason so whatever outcome happens i am ready to make the best of it. 

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Hey Mackenzie - welcome to the site! And sorry for the delayed response.

It sounds like you already have a really healthy approach to all of this, which I can say from my own similar experience helped me get back to normal and even got me learning a ton about myself in the process. 

I think one thing that might help with explaining this to him is firstly to not put the onus on yourself alone, it's a really common thing to have happen and at first it can definitely feel like something you got for making bad decisions - but really it's just some bad luck and you shouldn't blame yourself for getting it.

If you're going to disclose this to him, my approach has always been to not treat it like a world-ending, sex-destroying virus from hell and just treat it as it actually is - a really harmless skin condition that may or may not show up again.

It sounds like the two of you already have a strong connection, and this is just my biased opinion, but usually that leads to a lot more understanding and sympathy than you would find trying to explain this to someone you've just met. So just read up on how to avoid transmission (at least for the first six months) and then after that the rate goes way, way down and becomes a lot less scary.

This has turned into a novel 😐so if you have any other questions feel free to shoot me a message - I've had a lot of experience dating with herpes (seven-ish years) and I'm happy to offer any advice.

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    • hk81
      It was not the main point of the discussion. Did I write that I believe in such an approach? I only referred to it because I wanted to point out that researchers have always been looking at the condition called latency, trying to demystify it.
    • avr
      I'm not the one who claimed that he said that, and I don't have time now to read the literature to try and find it. Bob made the claim so if anything then he should be the one to back it up. I am not doubting that the fasting mimicking diet works to get autophagy going. It's a vegetable soup with some fat, so it makes sense that it would - glucose and protein inhibit autophagy, so just leave them both out and run on fat and micronutrients for a while. It's actually a kind of ketogenic diet, just without protein. Yet at the same time as promoting this specific type of keto diet, he trashes the standard keto diet with arguments that make no sense to me. That's why he seems suspect to me, because it looks like he is trying to tell people that his own expensive product is the only way to get the coveted autophagy, that you can't get it yourself simply through doing keto and/or intermittent fasting. And his product is quite overpriced for a simple vegetable soup, which is all it really is. I can make that myself. Or just boil some veggies and add some butter or a creamy sauce, I used to eat such meals quite often actually before I went carnivore. I must have been getting lots of autophagy then without even realising it. Yes, it might be that he is right about the onset of autophagy, or half-right if it depends on how keto-adapted you are. But since he has a vested interest, his word should not count as evidence for us. I don't think that's being unfair to him. If Bob wants us to believe it, he needs to provide evidence from a neutral source. @Bob8857 Do you have any better evidence?
    • The Hammer
      Not sure wth this is but I'm thinking the worst!! Been with 2 woman for the past 14 yrs and this popped up after I trimmed and shaved. Never had anything like this pop up b4
    • Muscha
      Please. Go ahead for transparency sake...let him.know you tested negative on a western blot and every other test before you tell him you have hsv. Because we all know it's coming.  Feel the Blurne!!!
    • WilsoInAus
      Post flagged for moderation. You have once again hijacked the thread to self serve your own delusion, You’ve been warned multiple times by several moderators and on your last warning. Your diagnosis was not confirmed but hypothesised on the basis of a now false positive IgG test. The WB failed to confirm.
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