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Bad and good news guys.

Fred Ins

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Some experiences from my practice.

Bad news - sex negatively affects your immune system. If you want to avoid OBs, keep it in mind. Reason: high level of testosterone (increases during the sex) impede the work of the T-lymphocites, which are very important in fight with the viruses including HSV. After the sex I always had a OB, then I google the relation between the sex and immune system, and found out that actually thymus which are responsible for fabrication of the T-lymphocites decrease its activity during the sex. i mean if you love sex, this news is a bad for you. the same about masturbation. I am not sure about the girls but for the boys the testosterone certainly decrease the strenght of your immune system. The less sex you have the less OB you will experience. 

Good news: my doctor prescribed me Tilorone - it stimulates the production of all types of the interferons and keep your immune system stronger. In result you will have less OBs. I purchased it in Moscow, the name of the tablets is a Lavomax. Tilorone impedes a lot of viruses, including herpes 1 and 2. 

Consult your physician about the Tilorone. There are some links about the tilorone hydrochloride.. Please, avoid any stress, have a good sleep. The only cure against the herpes is a strong immune system! 

Please try it, and write your experiences. I had sex 2 days ago, fortunately I dont have an OB right now. If I have any OB, I will inform you here. 




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This is interesting! I too did get an OB after each time I had sex years ago but hadn't had sex since. I have just entered a new relationship and have been worrying about the flare up after sex so it would be great if this is something that I could take! Please keep up updated Fred Ins

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