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Anxious about spreading to partner

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I am a female with G-HSV1 and am wondering what the likelihood of my partner getting Oral HSV1 is because they preformed unprotected oral on me? I have had no outbreaks since my initial one 3 months ago and I hear asymptomatic shedding is way less likely for type 1, so I think the chances are slim but I am still worried! Has anyone heard of it being harder to transfer from genitals to mouth? I just need some reassurance because even though I disclosed to my partner and they told me they didn't care, I still have this anxiety in the back of my mind for putting them at risk! Any facts to put my mind ease are appreciated. 

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    • Vintage7
      You'll want it to stop and hope it never pops up again but you have to face the truth.  If you have been diagnosed with hsv1 on the genitals then you have it.  Some people have 1-3 flare ups and never have it again like chicken pox so I hope that helps.  Hsv1 is the oral type so if you have it on your genitals it might not be as bad as hsv2.
    • Vintage7
      Not sure that would be herpes more likely something else.  But in any case don't go... "looking for love in all the wrong places."
    • Vintage7
      Focus and believe your not alone.   Valtrex has been around for over 25 years and there has been nothing more to combat herpes?  Right.  When big pharmecuticles decide to be human again and not powered by greed they will unleash the cure or somebody will find it beforehand.  Life goes on good days and bad days as always.
    • Vintage7
      Hey man been there.   Im almost 50 and I have an awesome family with three kids and a dog.  I got it when I was young but I got through it.  Its alot more of stigma but not so much anymore when 5 out of ten people have it in the U.S.  They could have a cure but they won't until greed is no more also they don't care about a cure since its not life threatening but they dont worry a cure will be available within 10 years.
    • Vintage7
      Its hsv2 and you should be on Valtrex medication.
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