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Herpes on Cervix - Help Please!


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Hoping to get some insight. I was tested positive by IgM blood test 2nd July and I check myself about 20 times daily for any OBs. Today I have noticed a change in my discharge which is now yellowy green with a metallic smell (no horrendous bacterial smell). I have been told that herpes lesions can be on the cervix and that my discharge should be an indicator but apart from that how on earth would I know?!? I had severe prodome symptoms yesterday (tingly, electric shocks and numbness). I don't think my doc will check as I'm waiting on results from another swab this Thursday. 

Is there any other way of knowing I am having an OB on my cervix? Discharge has many reasons but this discharge is particularly odd for me!

Please help as I now have a partner I don't want to infect, please :( 

Thank you!

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41 minutes ago, WilsoInAus said:

Hey @Roxanne11 I feel the best thing to do is mutually test with your new partner and go with the result. 

Hi Wilso, 

Thanks for responding. My partner was tested when we got back together, he got negative IGG for both and so did I but got a positive IGM 5.5 weeks after exposure with someone else. So we know his not infected. Should I be running to the doctor to get my cervix swabbed because of this discharge? Just spoke to a nurse on a sexual health chatline and she said cervix herpes is so rare they don't check. Gosh, I'm just getting different opinions from different doctors that I don't know who to believe anymore - the information is not consistent!! :( 

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@Roxanne11 if you were infected you would have had lesions at the time. Discharge now many weeks after possible infection can not really bare muxh relationship to an infection with nothing else arising.

What this all means is that you’re highly likely to test negative at 12 weeks past last exposure.

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43 minutes ago, WilsoInAus said:

@Roxanne11 if you were infected you would have had lesions at the time. Discharge now many weeks after possible infection can not really bare muxh relationship to an infection with nothing else arising.

What this all means is that you’re highly likely to test negative at 12 weeks past last exposure.

I do hope you are right! I definitely have not had any breakout or lesion. I've only had symptoms recently i.e this weekend I've had a number of red bumps/spots (from 1 to 20) come and go plus bad irritation at either side of vaginal entry from sex which caused two red sores equally on both side. All of these symptoms came and went in a 24 or 48 hour period - assuming herpes lesions don't subside this quick? Now this green discharge...

Are there many people out there that have reported positive IgM then came back negative IgG? I've read many having positive IgM but they never come back to report how their future testing went so I don't know if I should take any comfort that I may be negative at 12 weeks (which is next week yay!) 

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    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Lcj987 and welcome to the website. You can be sure that isn't HSV-2, looks nothing like it. It is much more likely to be folliculitis or inflamed fordyce spots.
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @JackThrowAway herpes causes an outbreak where it enters the body first and maybe a progressive spread. If it doesn't cause an outbreak at the entry site then it won't cause one elsewhere, it also won't 'jump' upon infection - it would be more likely that the lesions are continuous from the penis to the anus. Nevertheless, testing trumps symptoms or any interpretation of symptoms. The correct conclusive result arises when: you have a positive swab; or An IgG HSV-2 level over 3.5 (Herpeselect test).
    • Lcj987
      Slept with someone unprotected, roughly 2 weeks ago now. I felt generally unwell the couple of days after but I’d been drinking the whole weekend and didn’t have much sleep either of the days of that weekend so put it down to that. 6 days after I noticed these spots appear on the shaft of my penis. Along with symptoms of discomfort in my shaft in the couple of days prior to them appearing. No pain when urinating at all that I have noticed. They don’t hurt, itch or tingle and they don’t have fluid in from what I can see or feel if I squeeze them and have never burst? I went to a sexual health clinic to get checked up, they took bloods to do a full test and looked at the spots but said they saw nothing that concerned them but I’m not sure about that, any advice? The smaller spots under the shaft are just follicles I had diagnosed years ago and non-sti related.
    • JackThrowAway
      She tested positive for HSV2. No, there was nothing of that sort in that area.   However I also have ulcerative colitis so I’m on medication that makes me immunosuppressed. I have been bleeding a bit when I pass stools during the time of redness, so I’m unsure if I’m getting a flare from the colitis (from all the stress of everything) or if it’s due to the virus making it’s way to an already inflamed area and popping up as blisters that I can’t see and hence the bleeding.    I had two equivocal results (at 4 weeks and 6 weeks) that then went to a positive result (7 weeks after exposure). Combine that with some flu symptoms, redness, tingling etc. makes me feel it’s conclusive that this points to a hsv2 infection.
    • Anonimus
      Thanks!!!!! I appreciate your help.
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