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Magnesium (and possibly potassium)

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I have lived with genital herpes as well as herpes that expresses itself on my hips/buttocks/lower back (I forget which one the latter is called) for about 30 years now. My genital herpes rarely expresses now, but the outbreaks on my hips regularly do. I used to treat it with most of the antivirals out there for it over the years, but with the regularity with which I had to take them concerned me regarding the long term effects of antivirals as well as the considerable cost. I have not felt that they are good for me and have used them sparingly as a result. I am now a decade into no antivirals. I just try to get good sleep and eat right. Still, my outbreaks on my hips are pretty regular, much to my dismay, and I have gotten to a point where I just tune tjem out as best as I can. That is my history for those needing it. Now for the better part, which is why I am posting this.


Very recently I began taking magnesium citrate (250 mg. daily) along with potassium gluconate (595 mg. daily) and found that this solved a heart arrhythmia issue I had been having. I found this by accident and discovered a number of people using it for exactly the same thing. I was pleased by this unexpected outcome. However, what should be noted is that I was experiencing an aggressive bout of outbreaks, one right after the other during this time as well. These outbreaks have completely stopped since I have been taking the magnesium. However, since I also took potassium along with it, I have not yet dropped the potassium to test whether it is the magnesium doing this or potassium, or both in concert with one another. That will be my next step, though.  

Right now I am at about the six  week mark with no outbreaks. None, nada, zip. My history has been fairly regular outbreaks, about one every two to three weeks. Sometimes longer, sometime in shorter intervals. Given that I was having what I call "rolling oubreaks" resulting in two to three weeks worth of near-continuous full symptoms, the fact that I now have had zero outbreaks since taking mag and potassium, I find this either extremely coincidental, or possibly significant as an element in controlling outbreaks (for me at least)

I post this just to pass this on to you, finding this forim in order to pass on what I have found. Since these substances are considered safe for OTC, I think it is worth looking into unless your own chemistry/health  has some counterindication against taking either of them. 

It may be that for some it works, or for certain types of herpes, I don't know. It may be that for me, it helps bolster my immune system which is then better able to fight it off...I just don't know. But for me, if magnesium does it, then all the better because I am not having to take expensive antivirals which might have unknown impacts later in life.  I'm not suggesting that they do, but I follow my gut in the same way it directed me to take magnesium, which has had an immediate double benefit. 

So there you go, a few breadcrumbs for you to try, especially for those of you who only treat when you develop symptoms.  Maybe have magnesium on hand instead and try that. It might be it only helps certain people with certain immune histories, it might be it only works on one version of the virus, who knows, but it seems worth trying and then sharing your results here. 

Hang in there. I wish we could cure this!

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    • alextheman
      You have to lower your stress.Stress is a big key.Me im trying to sleep more and lower my stress.Im trying to not worry about having herpes.I have it,and there is nothing i can do,So why stress myself about it?Im taking medicine to help suppress it.For me stress and sleep are my biggest factors.
    • nakedandafraid
      How long after you had sex with this woman did you exhibit symptoms? What makes you think she has herpes?
    • hobson
      Hi she got the cold sore a couple days ago after oral . Always use a condom. She isn’t got herpes as far as I’m aware but she got a cold after she performed oral on me . She sent me a pic of the cold sores.  I don’t know why they didn’t do blood tests. I have read a PCR test is accurate. I don’t know how to get closure from this. 
    • nakedandafraid
      Im no admin, but ive seen many folks share photos looking for info. I think its ok.  If I may ask, how long after having sex with this woman did the symptoms appear?  Ive heard that pc swabs are pretty accurate.. Did this woman tell you she has herpes, or did you hear it through a third party?  I dont see why they wouldnt give you the iGg / iGm blood test. If im not mistaken, you can order one yourself and go to a local Quest/Labcorp (depending on where you live)  i assume the cold sores are on her mouth? Did you see them, or did she tell you about them?   
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @K1009 that all sounds a typical experience of transmission between partners. Please take heart, after the first few months, many people experience extremely few outbreaks of any with gHSV-1. Also you cannot feasibly give this back to your partner, you are now concordant sexually in terms of HSV and your immune systems will protect you from further infection.
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