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What is this please help I’m a teen

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So my glans are dry and crack up and sometimes it stings and inch but other times it’s fine. In the morning white stuff come out my penis. It’s has white layer on the penis that you can rub off . I cried sometimes and I’m scared never went to the doctor for about 4months I always pray. It been really tuff for me. It painful inch sometimes and I feel like I got some that can’t cure. Sometimes it get dry .Plus it been 4months still didn’t check doctor 


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Hi @Q2Josh mate that’s balanitis. It has a range of causes but fungus heads the list and then there are a range of dermatitis issues also possible. All you can do is keep on it with your doctor.

Rest assured that isn’t herpes.

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So I don’t have to worry about it at all sometimes it’s dry and sometimes it inch in the morning I see white discharge or yellow 

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It can be fungal or bacterial. Black seed oil ingested helped my partner

Research Because it's not easy to get rid of in some

Yellow discharge .... See a doctor

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    • Syam Banerjee
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    • Naturalady
      Yes, sounds like an outbreak to me. I'll get paper cut like lesions that are tiny, but around the area is red and irritated. I would not say the cut can come and go that quickly, but maybe the redness and tenderness can.
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Dee2315679 for sure it’s a good idea to question. Exactly what test did you have that suggested positive for HSV-2? Did you get a printout with values of your test result?
    • Dee2315679
      I've been diagnosed with HSV2 for close to three months now and I haven't had a break out (🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾) since. I'm not sure if this is normal at all. After being diagnosed, I had them check and they did not see anything that resembles it and I've never had an issue with blister in the past. Someone please let me know if this is normal.
    • Southwestrancher
      I don't own any. I liked it at 50 cents. Now with all the coronavirus stuff it's about 8 or 9 dollars. Not convinced their legit (I've read some negative stuff) but I'm hopeful. 
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