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    • MikeHerp
      I'd keep in mind the fact that AAVs produce an immune response.  So if you get this DIY thing, it may later be more difficult to benefit from the actual cure.  Dr. Jerome at FHC confirmed that, if you have been exposed to AAV, making it work on you again may require immune suppressants, etc.  FHC is using AAVs as well.  
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @lar26 - well @Surfersparadise didn't read what you or I wrote. The situation is well beyond whether disclosure is an issue so it is not relevant in this context. It is a bit rich I have to say in receiving a lecture from someone with herpes who has not disclosed themselves for the bulk of their life. This is about making a rational decision on the basis of facts of the risks and what it means in a whole of life context. The odds are not an issue for the true decision your partner needs to make. If your partner cannot accept you as a person with HSV-1 orally, then sadly they can't and they are hence not the person for you. Unless someone is prepared to accept you for all that you are completely, then they are not partner material. You do not need to accept any compromise.
    • lar26
      @WilsoInAus thoughts on @Surfersparadise? I read up on an article that said risk of transmission while on antivirals is 1%. Combined with lysine, I haven't had an outbreak in forever.
    • Leonardo Marques
    • Kurdt01
      I tend to agree...having been in a couple vaccine trials, I know first hand these experimental things can sometimes make things even worse...id say vaccines are relatively benign compared to some possibilities with crispr...I'm gonna wait till this is more proven. I'd rather spend 500 a month on amenalief than be a guinea pig again at this point.
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38.6 weeks prodrome symptoms

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I contracted it before this pregnancy and haven’t had a viable outbreak in months. I know the risks and have been taking my genetic valtrex everyday! I even double up and take two in the morning and two at night. I don’t have any visible symptoms just tingling and itching random times throughout the day. I try to tell myself maybe I’m imagining this. But I feel something. I am aware of prodrome symptoms. I just want to know why is this happening if I’m taking the medicine. I’m so upset and nervous. I want to have a natural birth but don’t want to ignore anything. I would definitely have a c-section to protect my baby. I know doctors automatically give you a c-section when you have viable lesions. When I told my doctor I have itching tingling feeling throughout the day she said I shouldn’t worry about it. She checked me and didn’t notice any active lesions recently. Why am I tingling and itching so close to labor. I’m worried about this all day! Last week I had the doctor do a swab and they didn’t call me back so I’m assuming it came back negative. I go again Wednesday and I’m just tired of bringing up herpes every time I have a prenatal visit but this is scary. I’m trying to have a positive mindset. Should I even be worried?

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Hi I’m not help here since I contracted it after my pregnancy but I just want to say I’ll keep you and your baby in my prayers that you don’t have any outbreaks towards labor and you can have a safe natural delivery. I’m terrified to ever have another baby again I think I would be very worried just as you are. Best wishes. 

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If you contracted it before the pregnancy, your baby will probably be fine.  It has some of your antibodies already.  The dangerous situation is if you get it in your last trimester.  

Unfortunately, Valtrex doesn't suppress all shedding or all outbreaks.  That's why finding a cure is important.  

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