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is this cold sore? or other std?

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My question is, can i get any std from sucking nipples? a day after i sucked this girl's nipples, i got one tiny bump on my lips. I didn't notice it at first. I started notice it when i bite my lips and felt something. It hurts (a little) when i touch it. The bump was red, and when i pressed it, it bled a little like pimple. I thought it was a cold sore, so i went to a pharmacy and got myself an ointment for treating cold sore. After 2 days, the bump is almost gone. So, can it be cold sore? HPV? or just an infection of the fordyce spot. We didn't do any other sexual activities. No kissing, no oral sex and nopenetrative sex. I only sucked her breast for few minutes. This happened at a massage parlor. Sorry, Im not a native english speaker.

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