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Oil of oregano / Coconut oil......the unknown benefits


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As a herpes sufferer with OB's nonstop for years, until recently. I feel I need to share something I have learned in my studies and talks with doctors and other sufferers.

I started with a very healthy diet based on vegetables 3 months ago, and stopped drinking beer altogether (was drinking 2-3 pints a night to wind down and to sleep better), I started with that diet because I felt pain in my kidney and liver area and also discomfort in my colon. My ultrasound/blood test came back as non kidney stone or gall bladder stone, but a slightly fatty liver. I was kind of disappointed they did not find anything, because that would had made a conclusion. Instead I started to think about cancer and all that negativities that brings. Anyhow, after a lot of reading and chatting on the internet I thought it could not be cancer as the symptoms typically associated with that I did not have (fever, nausea etc) One doctor I chatted with said that my symptoms sounded like a heavy yeast infection....Bingo! A yeast infection in colon can be prompted by viruses, and made worse by bad diet with beer or wine. One of the doctors I talked with said the best remedy, actually better than subscription drugs for this problem is Coconut oil or oil of oregano. A table spoon of coconut oil 2-3 times a day will clear up the yeast in a few weeks. 

So this is why many herpes people say coconut oil or oil of oregano makes them feel better and helps with OB's? I think so. Because with a healthy gut, the body fights the virus much better. 

Right now, I have never felt better, no pain in my guts, no OB's

Stop drinking, eat healthy and get that coconut oil in your system.

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