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Pain around navel and lower abdomen


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2 minutes ago, difficultroadahead said:

Hi All

Can pain around the navel and lower abdomen be a symptom for an initial herpes OB in a female?


Hey @difficultroadahead unless you have lesions, then no other symptoms are at all likely to be related to herpes. The odds of this being caused by other conditions is overwhelming.

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I have the exact same problems.

I got rid of my non stop OB's a few months ago, I think because of eating more healthy and stopped drinking. But I have had pain/discomfort in my naval area and lower right side abdomen. I went to the hospital and they could not find anything on a ultra sound check, and a couple of the doctors said it was probably heavy yeast infection (this can be triggered by viruses and bad diet) So I continue with healthy diet and having the yeast in mind. I also drink coconut oil 3 times a day as recommended by the doctors for the yeast. I feel better, but not perfect yet.....it comes and goes.

Is it possible to get HSV2  OB's inside the colon?

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