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Good morning all:

This is my time to this forum and I am really looking for a good support group.

I was diagnosed in early 80's after a rape and since that time I was told that I had in grown hair bumps so I actually started to beleive my test was a fluke until this past April when my doctor told me there was a blood test that could show the virus...so I took the test and low and behold..it is confirmed.

So I feel like SH!+ and am very upset. I don't tend to see many blacks who openly admit that this has happened to them and finding a mate has now become an issue. I am not looking to have sex with anyone before marriage (not because of the virus)..I just want a mate who's decision is not impaired by the physical pleasure of sex.

So...I am here looking for friends to help me through this tough time of my life...

Thanks for being there..

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Sorry for whatever you are going through I can relate. This site really helped me to deal with my situation I am sure it can help you.

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We are always here for that! We can support you and try our best to give you the best answers we can. I know how you feel about being raped, that happened to me about a month ago and it was the hardest time of my life. I would never wish it upon anyone and I know how hard it is to have a reminder of how "dirty" I felt. Keep your head up and remember you are still the same person. The talk is important but do it when you are comfortable. Love yourself! If you need anything let me know... I had to have the talk with my boyfriend a few weeks ago after I got the test results and I know how scared I was. Be honest and give lots of imformation. The man who loves you will stay. Hope all goes well... Good luck!

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Try a Lysine supplement for cold sores

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    • Cas9
      All I know is what the pipeline says. And it says that trials don't start until 2019/2020. How long they will run and whether they will be successful remains to be seen. Also remember that the start of trials depends on whether the animal studies are successful. And there are always delays even when things are going well from a medical standpoint. So don't get your hopes too high that the trials will start as they currently state. Their biologic is a functional cure at best, not a sterilizing cure. But I don't think there will be too many complaints about that. I thought you already new about Excision Bio and their work.
    • WilsoInAus
      It is possible, but id be getting a definitive test. Id get a swab and blood test for confirmation.
    • WilsoInAus
      This is not caused most probably by herpes. Suggest you need to see a doctor to pursue some other directions.
    • Jane79
      You said that you hoped this would help someone. Well, today it helped me.  I've been broken too many times to count. Unlike that glow stick though we get broken over and over again sometimes. But if we allow ourselves to heal from the brokenness; we can light up this dark world.Thank you:)
    • valleynovascotia
      yeah i can tell though shes not open minded with herpes she said it was scary too date knowing that it's around. That seems like a give away towards being rejected,

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