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Very nervous, stressed and scared

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I don't know anyone personally with herpes so I'd like some input. 

I went to the Dr earlier this week with what I thought was a UTI (I've never had one before), very painful while urinating, and still feel like I had to go even when I was done. Dr prescribed me keflex. Two days on that and not getting better at all. And had a couple bumps show up as well. 

I go back Thursday morning,give another urine sample, Dr said that looked horrendous compared to Tuesdays sample in regards to white blood cells. He takes a look, takes swabs inside and out and also said he was concerned because of the bumps (lesions as he called then), there were only 3 at that time. 

Testing for other bacterial infections and herpes virus. I won't know the results until Monday when I go for my follow up appt. 

He put me on azithromycin (2 pills), levoquin, Azo, and valtrex. Because he wanted to treat everything it could be even if it wasn't. 

But more sores showed up by the end of the day yesterday and a couple more today which is making me believe it is herpes. It is still painful when I urinate. But not as badly. But I still spray water over myself while urinating to help ease what pain there is. 

Does this sound like classic herpes?

How long does it take for valtrex to kick in? I know I didn't start taking it as soon as I could have considering I was having symptoms on Monday. 

Is there anything I can put on the sores to ease the pain from those?

I've been loading up on ibuprofen and using vagisil every now and then. And ice packs when I can. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am so distraught about this. 

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Hey @Marebear there are still quite a few things on the list of possibilities, bacteria, yeast and viruses. Herpes is one such possibility.

Swabbing active problems like this is exactly the way to go and you’ll have clarity before long. Hard to whittle down to a most likely candidate.

Herpes does require a source in the week leading into the first sore appearing. What sexual activity did you have in this week before sores?


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Hey @Marebear this is quite an anonymous forum and a fairly highly sexually mature one.

What we are looking for are factors such as:

new, recent partners 

unprotected sex 

oral and/or vaginal sex 

This all goes to whether the exposure exists, of high or low risk and what types the herpes might be if transmission occurred.

Based on what you have put forward, I suggest herpes is on the list and make sure and positive swab is properly typed for 1 or 2 as both seem feasible possibilities.

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Marebear, I read on another post, that they used Vaseline as a barrier between the sores and urine.

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    • Vintage7
      Ive had herpes for over 30 years and I had a heart attack for a blocked artery.  Could be something.
    • Vintage7
      Hey I don't think you have herpes.  Maybe something else.  I would take antibiotics.  A strong dose of acyclovir or whatever works best.  It could be something bacterial like chlamedia or syphillus (sometimes a blood test gives a negative response so you don't think you have it) or a shingle type reaction that will clear up on its own.  I'm no experrt but you should look at all options and don't give up.
    • Vintage7
      Hi, First time ever on a forum.  I have become secretive having the virus for over 33 years.  Guess you could say it has controlled my life, my decisions, my emotions but I have a good life and family to the contrary.  Something that destroyed me in my youth but didn't completely wipe me out.  My only two regrets were bad doctor advice and not being responsible with it before alternate medicines came out in 95'.  I don't wish it upon anybody but I have to live with the fact I had given it to others.    The reason I have written on this forum is to tell people of something remarkable that needs to be shared.  Now, you can be skeptical or think I'm bullshitting, but what I'm telling you is real and needs to be looked at in the medical world.  I have the virus pretty good meaning it flares up regurarly even using Valtrex but Valtrex works really good..  It has slowed down in the past 5 years or so but always seems to be building even on medication and the minute I'm off it seems to spring up over night.  What I do know is stress is the number one cause to trigger an episode so those who stress less are better off but anything can be stressful such as heat in summertime or being scared in a movie theater these are stresses unlike job or relationship related but have the same affect. I had a heart attack early summer of 2019.  I'm young for a person to have a heart attack and don't fit the body type either.  Blew friends away and I couldn't believe it myself.  The funny thing it saved my life.  I didn't know how better I felt after getting a stent to unblock a clogged artery.  97% blocked went to 0% blocked.  Now the thing is I haven't taken any meds to control herpes since the heart attack and I havent had an occurence since.  I don't feel it anymore.  8 months and no herpes and no Valtrex.  The only possibilities I can think of are the unblocked heart let blood flow where it didn't allowing the anti bodies to uncover the herpes hidden site in the nerves, the blood pressure medicine slowing my heart rate so Im relaxed more and maybe the blood thinner medicine is doing something by thinning the blood.  I have always had an episode every 4-6 weeks for 33 years without medication.  Something changed when I had a heart attack and stopped the herpes from re-occuring.  I will feel even more happy when a year goes by but I'm in heaven now.  I tend to think one of the two heart medications are working and if they are they are for more useful than 25 year old Valtrex is.  What bugs me the worst about herpes is the corporate greed that lets it flourish. One medicine that hasn't changed in 25 years?  It happens to keep it in check and thats it?  Nothing else.  Right just keep having to purchase Valtrex it sounds like a great money maker.  But this is real I believe there is a better medication.  Also I don't have alergies anymore and I don't feel as sick when I have a cold and I haven't gotten the flu.  (I don't get flu shots).  Something I have to share.
    • Umajin
      I was diagnosed with a single, small herpes sore decades ago.  Never had another outbreak after that. on Dec 28, I vigorously masterbated, while also having been flu-like and under a tremendous amount of personal stress.  Basically, the tri-fecta... 6 bumps came the next day, formed blisters over the next 2 days and then slowly healed over. its now been 1 month and I can still see the remnants of the papules.   in fact today, I was having a tingling feeling and general “warmness” around the area. im wondering if I’m getting another outbreak?  And how long it takes for the papules to completely disappear?   thanks in advance for any thoughts
    • LightafterDarkness
      Thanks @MikeHerp for continuing to lead on this front- a permanent cure is that much closer thanks to your efforts and the inspiration you have given many to join in this cause. Looking forward to positive news this year on multiple fronts against this pesky virus!
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