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    • Star33hcs
      So sad 
    • Cas9
      Yes, that was earlier on in 2016. If you watched the friggin video, you would see that they've advanced this research. But seriously, I'm done discussing this with you. Anyone who sees a paper from a highly reputable research team from 2016, but then refuses to to watch their latest results is not worth anymore time. Just an FYI buddy boy; They have now successfully removed 90% of the latent virus from one ganglion and 50% from another. Dr. Jerome's presentation explains it all. But make sure you don't click that link and watch the video; you may go blind.
    • ViralResearcher
      Delusional idiot. You ask for proof I give it to you on a silver platter then you try to dismiss entirely without even reading the study it by stating well there's a ton of research that proves that study wrong without citing even one study that directly looks at herpes in human neurons. As far as the study I posted.   "Case subjects were carefully chosen to include only those in which a definitive diagnosis of specific viral infection had been previously confirmed by culture, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), or detection of viral antigen in brain tissue."   The ages of those with HSV were "19 months, 8 years, 12 years, 17 years, 19 years, and 66 years." So only one of them was in advanced ages as you tried to suggest otherwise. Most of them were youth. "Results Apoptosis in HSE in association with productive viral infection. We evaluated 7 patients with acute HSE. Six (86%) of 7 had clear evidence of neuronal and glial apoptosis, as demonstrated by TUNEL and/or activated caspase-3 staining (table 2), with a high degree of congruity noted using both apoptosis detection methods. Apoptotic cells were unequivocally identified as neurons or glia by morphologic characteristics. Neurons made up a larger proportion of apoptotic cells, compared with glial cells. Apoptotic cells did not exhibit late morphologic features of apoptosis (nuclear condensation, margination, or pyknosis), suggesting apoptosis was detected at a relatively early stage at the time that tissues were obtained. Apoptotic cells were restricted predominantly to areas of productive viral infection and did not occur as a widespread, nonspecific process in histologically or virologically uninvolved areas within the same tissue section. Apoptotic neurons and glia were detected in acutely infected patients in regions of disrupted CNS tissue bearing HSV antigen, as measured by TUNEL (figure 1A–C) and/or activated caspase-3 (table 2)."   "..the presence and degree of apoptosis did not correlate with the presence or magnitude of inflammatory response, indicating that apoptosis is a direct consequence of viral injury, rather than a secondary effect of virus-induced inflammatory responses. Our findings imply that apoptotic neuronal death is an important component of CNS injury and destruction in the acute phase of infection of patients with viral CNS infection"  
    • WilsoInAus
      Oh dear, well that's destroyed the thread... and displays you know nothing about the topic. Good luck.
    • iFdUp
      I personally do not believe that HSV 529 will prove effective enough.  The figures that were published only documented a 4x rise in antibody titers.  4x what? 4x what the average HSV negative individual has? We didn't get the specific details as far as I am aware, not that can be found outside of a scientific journal pay wall. Those statements to me do not sound like an effective vaccine. Those are just my impressions, however. Take them with a grain of salt. 
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