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Could this be herpes?


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Hey guys,

never thought I would ever be here but after multiple restless nights and not even being able to eat a meal I need to know. I scheduled a blood test for Tuesday... so hopefully it comes out negative.. 

so I was in a relationship for about three years got out and went off the deepend with girls. But I had unprotected sex with one girl on July 27th in the 29th I had a 101.4 fever tired as hell and stayed home from work. The fever ended up clearing up in about a day or so and I was all fine. Nothing wrong down there. On August 29th I developed an itch in my urethra. I got tested and turns out I had Chlamydia. Now I might be being a spaz but I’m noticing red spots on my shaft for about the past 3-4 days. I havent seen any blisters but idk what I’m looking for. What do you guys think? Like I said I’m getting tested Tuesday but still just want an answer... it won’t let me upload a picture for some reason :/ 

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Hey there @Hopefullynot53 if you are thinking a herpes infection took place, then you would have had lesions within days of the sex.

Remember 99% of the time, a fever is a fever. I doubt it was even caused by the Chlamydia.

What you describe a month later in terms of an itch developing is exactly the sort of thing that happens for males infected with Chlamydia.

Hence at this stage, there isn't any reason to believe you have been infected with herpes.

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    • Zeus
      Well update, I went to my doctor and he said everything looks normal also. I mentioned a swab test but he said it wasn’t needed. I feel better but there’s there that doubt in my mind..  I suppose I’ll keep an eye on it and go from there. Thanks everyone, I’ve learned a lot from these threads. 
    • hopefulforhappiness
      @brookeb300 Thank you! I am doing the same! I think it is important to have a few potential cures in the pipeline! 
    • Ifeelempty
      Hello, I recently hooked up with a female and the next day I noticed something abnormal near her vag. She claimed she felt nothing/has never had any sort of OB or sores down there. 4 days later I had a small pimple apear on my foreskin. Is this all just a coincidence? Could it have been from dirty hotel hot tubs and bath and different soap clogging up my pours? I’m really concerned she gave me HSV. Photos attached of my pimple 1 week later. When it first appeared I took my 2 fingernails and tried to pop it.. seemed like I just irritated the skin and made it red. Attached are photos of her and mine. We did get tested both swabbed and blood tested. I’m more worried about her results since mine wouldn’t show in the blood so soon. Should have the results by tomorrow night. I will update my unfortunate story.    https://imgur.com/a/RtarvYW
    • Thomas92
      From someone suffering from constant reoccurring OBs. After losing hope with valtrex I’m looking for people who can suggest doctors in Southern California. Any advice on different types of specialists for this virus would be great. I’m trying to save my life from this crippling disease. Thankyou everyone.
    • Zeus
      Thanks for the reassurance. I will keep a close eye on everything for sure. For a piece of mind, I’m going to hopefully get it checked out tomorrow. 
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