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Disclosing in a non-English speaking country that doesn't have herpes stigma?

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How would you approach this?

I work online and spend most of my time in South East Asia, specifically Thailand. Love the culture, food, weather, low cost of living and the local people there.

When I'm there I do casually date and have casual sex, mostly using dating apps.

I'm going back there in 3 weeks and just found out that I have GHSV.

From what I've researched, herpes is not really stigmatized in Thailand and a good percentage of Thai people don't even know what it is due to the lack of sex education there. It also has a relatively high rate of HSV2 (in Bangkok it's 1/3 women from the study I read) compared to other parts of the world.

I'm just wondering how best to go about explaining this to a potential casual sex partner (keeping in mind that there's often at least a slight language barrier) in this sort of situation.

Given the lack of stigma/awareness and the already high HSV prevalence, is there an argument for not disclosing during a casual sex encounter if antivirals/condoms are being used and sex is abstained from during prodrome/outbreaks?

I'll probably get shit on just for asking that but I feel like if those precautions are taken I'm actually a safer sex partner than some random dude off the street who doesn't know their status, especially considering that South East Asians generally aren't big on condom use.

I mean, oral herpes generally isn't stigmatized in the west and the overwhelming majority of people don't go around disclosing to everyone they kiss that they've had a cold sore before.

Colombia was another place I had always planned to go and my understanding is that over half of women carry HSV-2 there, same with Brazil. In such a case where the prevalence is that high and most people don't really know about it or talk about it, how would you approach casual sex?


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Hey @LemonOne9 you are quite correct in my view. Most countries in the world do not have concerns regarding herpes and your precautions are appropriate. Nothing else is expected in the social context.

How did you just find out you had genital HSV? What test?

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I didn't have any concrete testing done but the symptoms seem obvious enough to me to assume I have it, at least for now until I can get formally tested to be 100% sure.

After a few days of pretty vigorous sex I had an area just beneath my glans that started out looking slightly "cut", then became itchy. I started having painful urination and then the area turned into 3-4 small open/painful blisters. Flu like symptoms followed along with swollen glands in my neck and groin. I went to the hospital here in Bali and the doctor took one look and said yes, it's herpes. (Though I know visual diagnosis is not perfect)

I started taking Valtrex and in a couple days the blisters went away. They're gone now but I've started having urinary pain again.

I've had 2 casual sex partners here who also went on to develop similar symptoms. One went to the hospital and the doctor also told her herpes.

I don't know who gave it to who - I assume it was probably me since I've had quite a few partners - fortunately though both of them have handled it well and don't seem to be really bothered by it.


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    • Samantha1997
      And yes i have never done a hsv1 and i think i prefer not to do it cause if i have also the antibodies i would make myself more crazy about the topic that i am already... i have that in mind always of 2016 when i had the discomfort tmdown there and then i saw blisters on ex boyfriend WEIRD @WilsoInAus
    • Samantha1997
      @WilsoInAus it means a lot that u answered to me! Yes you are right i have been months like this.  Cause at first how does my gyn prescribe me a topica aciclovir when she told me she did not saw anything and then the second time she saws “blisters” which i dont and she prescribes valtrex oral.  Then i do the exams and are really onfusing. the dermatologist told me he did not see anything of herpes and also another gyn I went after the two times of going to my gyn of all life who told me and gave me the meds and he told me that i did not have blisters lor sores maybe they were varicose veins there. But id weird cause no one can tell me what is was. Why would it be red and itchy and ti gling on the same part as 2016? Right. And that many different exams wow
    • WilsoInAus
      When was your exposure though? Wasn’t it three years ago? Any symptoms outside of the genital area are not symptoms of genital herpes. Whether that’s on your hands or back etc. What are you talking to your doctor about, seems they aren’t doing their job if they keep testing you for something that you probably don’t have that doesn’t cause the symptoms you suggest.
    • Surprise
      I was exposed to it I truly believe that I was! My body still doesn't feel completely right! Now I have a lot of new sypmtoms like nerve pain, plus I had all the symptoms minus the sores because I had hsv1 already kinda spared me (at least I think) Body had pain on one side of the body, burning tingling, on hands and buttocks and swollen underarms. I also had a low grade fever. (which are all known sypmtoms). I'm so tired of testing at this might be next week
    • WilsoInAus
      Hey @Samantha1997 this is all a bit confusing for you. I’m afraid that the best interpretation I can give right now is that you have a childhood HSV-1 oral infection that is producing erratic combined IgG test results. It would seem likely that you do not have a HSV-2 infection. And likely that you do not have genital herpes. However your suspicions need investigating. clarity could be achieved with the following: - a swab of a freshly emerging lesion - IgG testing that is type specific for HSV-1 and HSV-2.
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